The human body is so much more miraculous than any of us truly give it credit for. Consider for a moment just how many muscles it requires to take a single step or the level of coordination that goes into daily activities like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast. When it is properly cared for and kept in optimal condition, the human body is a well-oiled machine.

It is important, however, that we learn to listen to our body and the signs that it gives us that something may be off. Some of these signs are things that we are incredibly familiar with. For example, we have been taught growing up that chest pain is a bad sign, and we should seek medical assistance immediately. For some situations, such as the signs of a stroke, we have even made clever acronyms to remember the signs, such as FAST.

There are, however, a number of easy to spot signs in our daily lives that are often overlooked. We fail to see that these simple traits or changes in our routine may actually have a much deeper meaning. When was the last time you paid attention to the time that you wake up in the morning? Are you the kind of person that wakes up in the middle of the night every night for no obvious reason? The time that you wake up each night may actually be your body trying to send you a message.

For the next few nights, take note every time that you wake up throughout the night – nothing fancy, just jot down the time. Looking back on this record, do you see a pattern? Do you find yourself waking up every night at 2 AM only to lie in bed for what seems like forever before falling back asleep?

There is a network of energy that flows through the human body, influencing our physical, mental and spiritual health. This energy follows a series of ‘meridians,’ extending from the top of the head down through to the bottom of your feet. If you are experiencing any type of ailment, disease or struggle it can block this flow of energy, interrupting your usual daily function. The main meridians correspond with the hours of the clock. In understanding this, you can use the time you are waking up to discover which meridian is currently experiencing a blockage or disruption of some form, providing insight into what is happening in the body.

What Message Is Your Body Trying to Tell You Based on The Time You Wake Up Each Night:

1 AM:

The meridian associated with the 1 AM is also linked to your circulatory system, specifically your heart. This means that the reason you are waking up is largely a ‘matter of the heart’ on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Pay attention to other signs of poor circulation or possible heart disease. Spiritually, your heart is the central point of the body and source of energy. Issues with the heart mean that you need to take time to practice self-care, focused on recharging and re-energizing yourself.

2 AM:

If you are consistently waking up at 2 AM this may be a sign that there are unresolved issues in your life that you need to take care of. Often these come in the form of limiting beliefs from our childhood, either learned or developed through childhood experiences. Look back on these specific moments of time for valuable life lessons that will open the door to letting these limiting beliefs go once and for all. From a physical perspective, this is the meridian tied to digestion. Pay careful attention to your eating habits, whether you are drinking enough water, and if you are struggling with digestive related conditions such as IBS.

3 AM:

Associated with the lungs and the ‘breath of life,’ waking up at 3 AM indicates that you are may be struggling with your life purpose. Unsure of where you want to ‘go’ in life can lead one to freeze up and, ultimately, go nowhere. Try to focus on the things that make you passionate, and whether you feel you are getting any type of spiritual guidance as to what life path you should be taking. You may also be struggling physically with breath and breathing, such as a struggle with asthma. Take deep breaths, allow yourself to relax and seek professional help if you find this is an ongoing struggle.

4 AM:

The meridian that is associated with 4 AM is responsible for the body temperature. Physically, take the time to determine if you have been running a fever or an unusually low body temperature as these are usually signs that something is ‘off.’ This meridian is also associated with the bladder and triggered by difficulties there. This doesn’t just focus on your physical temperature, but also the mental and spiritual temperature of your body. Are you struggling to commit to decisions in life, running ‘hot and cold’ as you waiver on what you want to do or struggle with feelings of self-doubt? Maybe you are struggling to take the step into the next level of spiritual ascension. Trust in the process and usher in the ‘new you,’ but also ensure that you are letting go of the past.

5 AM:

For those that wake up at 5 AM, your body is trying to send you a message in regard to nourishment. Mentally, you may not be getting the encouragement, love, and affection that your mind needs in order to maintain a happy, healthy state. Embrace the happiness in life and the people who bring a smile to your face. Don’t forget that you also need to nourish yourself spiritually. Take some time to meditate and listen to your inner voice to determine what you need at this time in your spiritual journey. On a more physical level, the concept of nourishment is very literal. Are you getting the foods that you need in order to stay healthy and function optimally? An appointment with a nutritionist or dietician may help you to overcome this struggle.

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