Viral Video Shows Compound in Cannabis Oil As it Targets and Kills Cancer Cells (Video)

The debate regarding the use of medical marijuana is at an all-time high in the United States. As a growing number of states legalize cannabis use for medicinal purposes, the pressure is on for researchers and scientists to better understand it’s potential use in various capacities.

The road to legalization has been a bumpy one. For every study or research paper showing that there are practical and beneficial uses for cannabis in the medical field, another study will emerge revealing it’s risks or inefficiencies. Adding to the complications that supporters face, many of the studies both for and against the use of cannabis are questioned for credibility, further confusing any attempt to establish the necessary evidence to support one’s stance.

Despite these challenges, a 2018 Gallop poll revealed that 64% of Americans are in support of legalization or marijuana, the highest level of support that has been recorded during nearly half a century of measurement. This change in support is a clear indication of the shift in public opinion regarding marijuana.

One viral video uploaded on YouTube by Lincoln Horsley in 2012 has since been viewed over 2 million times, sharing its message with viewers around the globe. The video depicts the introduction of cannabis oil (THC) to fast-acting cancer-causing cells. Why is it drawing so much attention? If you watch, you will have the opportunity to watch the cannabis oil killing off cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched. This is a clear illustration of the very reason why so many supporters believe that cannabis is a preferred treatment option to the currently accepted chemotherapy routine.

How does it work? Each of our bodies is equipped with an endocannabinoid system, a natural communications system within the brain and the body. Our body produces natural chemicals called cannabinoids that interact with the receptors in this system, helping to regulate all of these functions. Marijuana also includes a number of cannabinoids, which work with this system to help promote a balance or state of equilibrium in all areas of the body including at the cellular and sub-cellular level.

Why have we not heard more about this targeted use? Supporters will argue that this data has been buried due to its ability to hit the pharmaceutical industry hard. Currently those who are diagnosed with cancer undergo significant treatment including chemotherapy and a number of other pharmaceuticals, however, cannabis may provide a treatment option that doesn’t require exposure to the harmful side effects of the currently accepted treatment option.

Interested in seeing cannabis oil at work? Watch this video:


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