We all love gummy bears and gummy worms, right? But, would you still love them if you knew how they were made?

I recently came across a video that was made by Alina Kneepkens a Belgian filmmaker that goes over how those little gummy sweets are made and I will never be able to look at them the same. This is a very eye-opening video that everyone should see. While you might think it starts in a candy factory, that is very far from the truth.

Did you know that Gelatin is made from animal parts? Well, it is. This video is under a minute and a half long and covers so much more than you might ever imagine. Many people just don’t take the time to think about what they are eating and it is a real problem in this day and age.

Kneepkens wrote as follows in regards to this piece of work on her website:

I got the assignment to direct some reversed audiovisual stories showing the production of some of our food. I saw quite a few slaughterhouses and examples of both industrial and artisan food production. A true eye-opener.

‘Jelly’ is candy. But only few people know they’re made of gelatine from the skin of pigs. Sweet?

This video is part of a series known as “Over Eten” that meaning ‘what we know about food.’ It is a show that focuses on what we know about food and what we don’t. This one in regards to gelatin is reversed so it shows the candies and then every step before that, each step that brought it to where it is consumed.

Gelatin for those who are still not quite sure is made from leftovers from the meat industry. This would be pork skin, horns, bones, and well anything else that might not be needed elsewhere. There are natural alternatives made from algae so if this is enough to make your stomach churn, you can still find sweets that are not made from scraps. To see the video mentioned above take a look below.

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