Sure, people everywhere are going on and on about how stunning this total solar eclipse is going to be, but the total solar eclipse is much more than just a sight to see. There are a lot of weird things that come along with it as well, and to be honest, these small things are just as special as the total solar eclipse itself.

Before totality when the moon is only covering part of the sun, take the time to look at nearby trees. Look in the shade of the tree’s shadow, you will see hundreds of crescent images of the partially covered sun everywhere, all over everything and covering the ground. They are strange and overwhelmingly interesting, to say the least.

Right before totality and just after, another interesting shadow forms as well, this one is thin and has wavy parallel lines that are caused by the Earth’s atmospheric winds. You see, because the Sun has been reduced to such an extent, shadows of the atmospheric detail can literally be seen. These things are amazing when you really think about what they truly are! Something that is normally unseen being seen in a moment of time when the energy is high.

Everything during this time will seem as though it is lit in a dim strange manner. In the past, many have even cried over how overwhelming this event truly is. I personally cannot wait to see what little I will be able to from where I live. Animals will be also be confused during this time, and it will make things all the more ‘unusual.’ It’s strange to think that crickets could be chirping as they would at night during the day.

Just before the Sun becomes covered completely you will notice the fantastic and stunning diamond ring effect that has been so talked about in the past. I feel like this is so exciting because as a ‘diamond ring’ it is something cherished by most, and the total solar eclipse is without a doubt quite cherishable. Some have even noted being able to see some planets near the Sun during these things, and if you look close enough, you might just be able to see them for yourself!

Immediately after the diamond ring during totality, prominences may even be seen! Prominences are giant gaseous extensions from the Sun, which appear as pink fiery features that extend out from the black disc of the moon. The amount that will be seen just depends on how active the sun is when the eclipse happens.

Most people do not talk about these things when they go over the eclipse, and a lot of people are not aware that the total solar eclipse is much more than just the sun being covered by the moon. If you pay close attention there are tons of wonderful small things that you can look for to make your experience all the more fantastic.

Remember to use proper eye protection when viewing the total solar eclipse to come on Monday. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I know I will!

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