Uranus goes retrograde on August 7th and with that comes a lot of confusion. If you thought things were frustrating right now, you have no idea what you are in store for.

Uranus is going to have us all feeling out of whack and stressed out. Emotions are going to be at an all-time high and when it comes to stirring the pot, you won’t find any stone left unturned. Until Uranus comes out of retrograde things are going to be quite hectic. This whole ordeal kicks off something very interesting.

Uranus retrograde is all about rebellion but also really expressing yourself which is going to have controversy following you every step of the way. You might experience breakups, job changes, or anything that really pulls emotions forward. That being said, you shouldn’t hold back. All that is coming your way is only going to help you grow.

AstrologyKing wrote as follows in regards:

Uranus retrograde natal is common to 40% of people, the same as the other outer planets Neptune and Pluto. Therefore, it is not considered as significant or critical as having an inner planet retrograde. For example, Venus retrograde affects only 7% of the population.

But retrograde motion does affect Uranus. It seems to make it harder to restrain the erratic and impulsive urges of Uranus. This could show as abruptness, aloofness or an agitating nature. Retrograde motion can also internalize the disruptive, electric energy of Uranus, This could lead to nervous anxiety, spasms, neurotic behavior or rapid personality changes.

Uranus at its best is intuitive, ingenious and original. A healthy Uranus is eccentric yet comfortable in self-expression. But Uranus retrograde makes it harder to be yourself without causing distress to yourself or others. Uranus retrograde may also have some association with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

The karmic nature of retrograde motion suggests you feel different or cut off from others because of events in your past lives. Rebellious activity could have led to calls of “traitor”. You may have been banished from your community for being too different for weird for any number of reasons.

Erratic behavior or unreliability could have caused problems for you over many incarnations. In this life, events and relationship issues will keep reinforcing your specific Uranus retrograde challenges. The aim is to be yourself while not upsetting things as they are.

As you can tell, we are in for quite a bumpy ride. These energies will be wild but they will move you forward in a positive way if you allow them to truly work for you.


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