Uranus has officially moved into Taurus and with that things are getting even more mixed up. While this won’t be extreme for all the signs it will affect some of them dramatically.

Below I am going to go over the 6 signs that are going to be affected the most by this transition and what it might hold for them. While some of these things will be hard to deal with and cause a lot of sensitivity they will also teach a very important lesson to us all. Because Uranus and Taurus are going to be together for several years, you might as well go ahead and buckle up.


You are going to be experiencing a sudden increase in your self-esteem but there will also be some changes in where your values lie. This could be intertwined or unrelated, that is up to you to figure out. These energies are going to push you to be more unique and put yourself out there. Don’t worry too much about the effects focus on the cause.


You are going to be given a new sense of awareness. Things are going to begin breaking down and your shortcomings are going to present themselves. Because you are going to get to know yourself on a deeper level during this time you really need to work within to ensure nothing is left behind.


You might be gaining more than you are losing while Taurus and Uranus are entwined. Be aware of your struggle with authority and try to work through it. You might be getting a lot further than you think you will in the years to come but if you keep resisting those who are merely trying to point you in the right direction nothing will ever begin to truly change.


There are fresh roads ahead of you, you are going to be learning so much in the years to come. The more open-minded you are the better. While you may lose your way for a little while, you will find the right path in time.


There are sudden moves in your future. This could be a literal move or a figurative move, we do not yet know. You are going to be discovering things about where you came from and through that family, issues may arise. Just remember, you are not a product of your environment if things aren’t working change them.


You are going to be feeling a deep sense of appreciation in the years to come and for good reason. Something hard to face but spectacular is coming your way. Don’t look at every set back as a terrible thing, good things come from the bad and while there is going to be a lot of ‘bad’ there is also going to be a lot of good.

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