Uranus is currently in Taurus and has been since May 15th. It will be in Taurus for quite some time (9 years) and we might as well just get used to it for now. This changes everything and is not going to be as easy as most people assume.

For those who do not know Uranus is the planet in charge of lots of things. It is full of change and progressiveness. When Uranus is in Taurus the energies are constantly colliding. Taurus is a sign that likes things stable and steady whereas Uranus is all about CHANGE, huge and unexpected change at that. Unexpected events are going to become a common occurrence in the years to come.

These changes are well underway and as you know just weeks before the transition had completed the volcano in Kilauea began erupting and with that followed the eruption of a volcano in Merapi. To me and many others, this is a sign of what to expect from the Uranus/Taurus duo now that they are together. Conditions are currently only getting worse and who knows what else is to come. Natural disasters are going to spike, I can promise you that.

These events are manifestations of the energies surrounding our planet right now. Do not be too alarmed, stress isn’t going to do you any good right now. Things in your life are going to get a lot more personal. Just because we are facing a lot of intense changes and problems that does not mean that the end results will be positive in one way or another.

Allow Taurus to break you away from any negative thoughts and remind you what is important. Uranus is very powerful and it rules all the disruptions that we face, while it holds potential it also holds fear. Find your balance and see where it leads you.

For more information on this interesting form of manifestation surrounding Uranus check out the video below. There is a lot more to the celestial bodies than most people want to admit. The more you dig the more you understand.

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