As you may know, there will be a super blue blood moon in just a few days. This event is coming up on the 31st and with it comes a lot of intense energy.

This event is going to begin something amazing. It is going to push us to something special. You see, because of the energies headed our way, we will be claiming ownership of our lives. We will begin taking everything to heart and owning up to our mistakes. This is something most people struggle with.

Moons like this one are some of the rarest possible. This super blue blood moon is the first one we will be having in over 150 years. For those who may not be aware, this moon will be in the sign of Leo. That means that we will be reaching a turning point in our lives. This could boil down to a lot of different things.

You will be feeling the effects of this super blue blood moon for months to come. This celestial event might easily be the biggest of this year. This interesting phenomenon will be visible from the western hemisphere and will force us all to travel inward and assess our lives. These energies, while they will be overwhelmingly positive, will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. They are not easy to deal with by any means.

The total lunar eclipse will allow you to be reborn into who you were meant to be whether this is literal or figurative. Great fortune and abundance will be making their way to you in the months to come, do not lose hope. The energy I am sure you are feeling, even now, has been important and will be important for 2018 as a whole. Chances are you have also noticed your emotions are running amuck. Do not be discouraged, this will pass.

Will you be taking the time to watch this amazing celestial event? I know I damn sure will. I would not miss this event for the world. If you will not be able to view this in person you can always check out the live feed of it by clicking here.

These energies will be lined up perfectly and we will be going through the Aquarius gate, nothing could possibly go wrong. All of these things are shaping you into who you were meant to be. Do not fight these things, let them happen.

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