As you may know, there is a total lunar eclipse happening on the 27th of July. This bringing forth so much energy and power most of us will not truly know how to put it to good use.

While most people do not realize it, there are some pretty peculiar things that occur during a blood moon/lunar eclipse. The moon changes and with it our moods do as well. We will be facing many different things as the days pass by but the things below are some of the strangest.

Sure, you might not think much of some of them but they are truly odd. Granted a lunar eclipse is not as eye-catching as a solar eclipse its energy is still magnetizing all the same. You can really work wonders in your life if you put them to good use.

Unusual Things That Happen With A Total Lunar Eclipse:

1. The moon turns red.

During a total lunar eclipse, the sunlight reflecting off of the moon is no longer direct. This causes it to change colors as the rays are being forced to pass through the Earth’s atmosphere beforehand. This is similar to how we get out beautiful sunsets. Many people love the reddish-orangey color the moon takes on during this time.

2. You might struggle to sleep.

Because the lunar eclipse occurs on a full moon your sleep schedule might be a little off. Full moons always mess with our sleeping regardless of who we are. Perhaps you cannot sleep at all or you cannot get out of bed? Everyone is different.

3. You will feel quite emotional.

Lunar eclipse’s make us emotional more often than not. The energies they bring forth are not the easiest energies to face. They can be quite crippling from time to time.

4. You will feel pretty out of place.

Many people mention feeling out of place during blood moons. This I believe has something to do with the energies before us all as well. Some of us are being forced to look within and others to look from the inside out and it is not an easy thing to accomplish. Working through the issues going on in our lives is never something as cut and dry as we want it to be.

5. They usually accompany other eclipses.

Eclipse’s usually come in pairs be it two or more be it the same kind or one partial solar and one total lunar. We just had a partial solar a couple weeks ago and after this lunar will be having another sometime in August. Eclipse season is well upon us.

While these things might not sound like much they really are important to note. These things should be paid attention to but not given too much power. Sure, you might feel out of place for a bit, but there is something amazing headed your way.

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