An unforgettable woman is a woman who has tried too hard to please those in her life she cares about. She is the one who keeps him up at night, unable to sleep distraught with regret.

You see, lots of people have taken advantage of her and because of that, she has moved on from them. These people are the ones who missed out. They are the ones kicking themselves in the ass for not appreciating her and not giving her reason to stick around.

If you want to know whether or not you are an unforgettable woman, take a look at the list below. The unforgettable woman is strong and beautiful. She gives the best of herself to those who matter and is a good-hearted individual. That being said, when she has had enough nothing can win her back.

12 Characteristics The Unforgettable Woman Has:

1. She is loving.

She answers her phone when you call and always knows what to say. She loves with all that she has and doesn’t waste any of it. She is one of the most loving people you will ever meet.

2. She is kindhearted.

She is kind to everyone. No matter what someone else has done she remains considerate somehow. She thinks of others before herself almost all of the time.

3. She is patient.

She knows how important it is to be patient. Nothing happens overnight and she is willing to work hard. She wants to get where she needs to be, but she is not going to get too far ahead of herself.

4. She is persistent.

She keeps going no matter what life throws at her. At all the points where others would have given up, she has continued on. She is not a quitter.

5. She is honest.

She is not a liar. No matter what, you will get the truth when speaking to her. She doesn’t care too much for sugar coating things so she doesn’t and you will not be acting foolish around her.

6. She is eager.

She is always excited to learn new things and get things done. Eagerness is actually an understatement. You cannot stop this woman even if you wanted to,

7. She is supportive.

She lifts those close to her up in ways most people wouldn’t be able to. She never lets anyone feel alone. Whether she agrees with you or not, she will have your back.

8. She is filled with passion.

She is always going after the things that are important to her. She gets really into everything that makes her happy, and she will bring passion to your life. And this isn’t a trait that everyone possesses, actually, it is quite rare.

9. She is selfless.

She gives far more than she receives as mentioned above. She doesn’t think of herself when there are people in need around her. She would give you the shirt off of her back if you truly needed it.

10. She is independent.

She knows how to take care of herself. While she wants you, she doesn’t need you. She can get by all on her own.

11. She is caring.

She cares deeply about everyone in her life. She won’t let you go without, and she will always ask if you need someone to talk to. Advice is one of her strong points.

12. She is not afraid of being wrong.

She knows that no one in this world is perfect, and she isn’t afraid of owning up to her mistakes. She can be wrong and is wrong from time to time. However, that doesn’t bother her.

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