Cheating is something we’ve all, for the most part, had to face at some point in our lives. It hurts far more than words can explain and when you’re cheated on it leaves you feeling like you’re not good enough for anyone in this world.

We tend to allow those we care for the most to come back into our lives time and time again after having cheated on us and betrayed our trust entirely. While it is painful, we try to justify allowing them to remain by our side because we ‘love them’ but the truth is, they do not love us. If these people loved us they would not have cheated or been cheating in the first place.

When you truly love someone you respect them enough not to cheat on them. You don’t let other people close enough for something to happen and you damn sure don’t go out and happen to ‘by accident’ slip your cock into someone you’ve been goo-goo-gaga over for weeks. Being in love and truly offering someone the kind of love that they deserve is not something that we find often/that happens often and coming to terms with that is a big deal.

If your love isn’t supporting you physically, emotionally, and in all the ways you’re doing him/her then there is something wrong. You should never waste your time with someone who jumps ship when times get rough or runs into the arms of someone else when you won’t give into them. Cheating is more than just a physical thing, it is a complete undermining of the whole relationship and a slap in the face to the person who cares for you.

Cheating says so much more than words ever could and I think that many people are starting to understand that properly. Sure, at the end of the day, we can’t just stop people from cheating because they’re going to do whatever they want to do in the end, but we can change how we look at things. While we might think they love us, the fact that they cheated is proof of otherwise, and we don’t need that kind of distance in our lives. Why remain with or try to work things out with someone who doesn’t actually love us?

When it comes to relationships for the most part things are quite simple. Your lover will want you to be faithful, not say things or make promises you cannot keep, and do your best to put forth the same amount of effort he or she is. Is that too much to ask for? I think not!

You deserve someone who loves and respects you enough to never even consider doing something to break your heart. The more time you spend with someone who truly loves you the more they will fall for you. Cheating isn’t something that just happens, it is planned out and thought through, don’t forget that. Love is hard to find but well worth it make sure yours is authentic.

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