Sure we all know about our sun signs but what about the rest of our zodiac? There is a lot more to it than just our sun sign, each place the planets were when we were born make up a part of who we are.

Now in order to get your Jupiter sign you will have to generate a natal chart by clicking here. All you will need is the time, date, and location in which you were born and you should be all set. Jupiter for those who do not know is a very interesting planet. It controls our luck and any good fortune we end up with. Once you have generated your natal chart and know your Jupiter sign take a look below to see what it has to say about you.

Jupiter in Aries

If your Jupiter was in Aries it brought forth a lot of positivity for you. This is where you get your initiative and really work towards making you more driven. Your Jupiter sign has made you more enthusiastic about life itself.

Jupiter in Taurus

If your Jupiter was in Taurus you are more closed off than you think. While Jupiter has brought you to a bit of patience it hasn’t done much for you. It does, however, tell us that you are someone who over-indulges in the things of this world.

Jupiter in Gemini

If your Jupiter was in Gemini we know that you are someone that really wants to succeed. You invest yourself in all that you do and while most Gemini’s are a bit flighty you didn’t get that trait. Your curiosity may sometimes get the best of you but overall Jupiter has been good to you.

Jupiter in Cancer

If your Jupiter was in Cancer you are very sociable and sincere. People look up to you and really come to you when they need someone to talk to. You are too kind to those who do not deserve that kindness and often get taken advantage of.

Jupiter in Leo

If your Jupiter was in Leo you are a bit too confident for your own good. You are someone that really pushed themselves much harder than others would You are great at entertaining the people around you and always striving to get the most in the things you put forth.

Jupiter in Virgo

If your Jupiter was in Virgo you are a bit more irritating than people would like for you to be but you are yourself either way. You are good at solving problems and tend to work harder than some of the other signs. You are a very honest and open person and this will get you very far in life.

Jupiter in Libra

If your Jupiter was in Libra is a really interesting thing to have. It brings you a sense of ambition that most people will never know. You are someone that is able to use your charm and luck to push you further in life. While sometimes you may not feel like what you are facing is worth it the plan you have mapped out says otherwise.

Jupiter in Scorpio

If your Jupiter was in Scorpio you are very relationship oriented but know how to let someone go if they don’t deserve you. You are very giving and will put your all in the people around you. That being said, you can also be quite manipulative.

Jupiter in Sagittarius

If your Jupiter was in Sagittarius brings you a lot of expression. You are able to express yourself no matter what the situation is. You are a very generous and unique person but you are pretty damn flighty. You do not value the long-term as much as everyone else does.

Jupiter in Capricorn

If your Jupiter was in Capricorn you are very responsible and thoughtful. You never do anything without analyzing it within your mind first and you always have a plan. You are someone who seems to have everything figured out.

Jupiter in Aquarius

If your Jupiter was in Aquarius you are a very compassionate person that is highly motivated. You tend to look for the good in everyone and can find it in even the most unexpected people. You are far fairer than you should be.

Jupiter in Pisces

If your Jupiter was in Pisces tells us that you don’t like to be around others, you are very introverted. You know what you like and what you don’t and are not open to trying new things often. Everything about you is pretty cut and dry.

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