U.S. Wants to Keep 9/11 Cockpit Audio Secret in Gitmo Trial

By June 3, 2016 U.S. News

So far in 2016 the September 11th attacks have been blown wide open. But a United States military court is being asked to withhold the public cockpit recording from one of the hijacked jets involved in  the 9/11 terror attacks.

“[The voice recording] has significant events for the purposes of the government’s case-in-chief,” Ryan told Judge James Pohl. “It proves hijacking in the first place. It proves intent. It proves the initial murders of the crew in the cockpit — the sounds of which can be heard — and, at the end, it contains the attempts to retake the airliner.”

The recording in question is from United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed before reaching its intended target in Washington, DC, and it is the only one that survived. The recording allegedly captured passengers trying to take back control of the plane before the plane crashed.

According to Sputnik, Ryan stated that the prosecution plans to play the audio at upcoming trials of suspects detained at the Guantanamo Bay prison. But he explained that the protective order must be in place before the government can turn over the audio.

Keeping this recording a secret is a huge setback for the families who lost their loved ones on that day. It is also entirely unnecessary. The fact that the court is keeping the audio secret is just one more reason for American citizens not to trust their government.

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