U.S. EPA Scientist Fired for Telling the Truth About Climate Engineering and Fluoridated Water

Michael Davis, a former Scientist for the Environmental Protection Agency was fired after questioning geoengineering and water fluoridation. Now, he has teamed up with Geoengineering to help raise awareness about what he learned while working for the government agency.

Geoengineering Watch asked Davis to write a statement regarding the incident so they could post it for all to see. After working for the agency for 16 years, Davis says, “I was terminated as a public servant performing a public service for raising the issues of anthropogenic deposition of aluminum due to atmospheric geoengineering.

In May 2013, one of his colleagues in the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) Programs Branch sent a company email with the subject line “NPDES and Climate Change.” Davis responded to the email, and within six weeks his supervisor informed him that he would be reprimanded for making “false, malicious and unfounded statements against colleagues, supervisors, management and elected public servants.”

Later, in April 2014, his last supervisor sent him on an assignment at the Beloit, Wisconsin wastewater reclamation facility DRAFT permit review. While there, he questioned the permit writer about the use of fluoride in the towns water supply. Two weeks later, his supervisor issued a gag order against Davis banning him from communicating with anyone else regarding his job without permission.

His supervisor claimed this was to protect the agency from becoming damaged due to his statements or questions.

However, his supervisor continued to send him on assignments where he would encounter similar situations and pollutants, knowing that Davis would point them out in his DRAFT permit review reports. Davis says, “I eventually crafted a general description of the adverse human and animal health effects in an email to my supervisor and upper-level management. Initially was ignored by all of them. I had to send the original descriptive email several times over about a six (6) month period of time before I received a reply from the water division director who just parroted the corporate agenda pertaining to fluoride disposal into the nation’s drinking water systems.”

After his several attempts had failed, Davis realized that the EPA had no interests in environmental protection. Instead, they wanted to continue to cover-up the criminally polluting ways of their “puppet masters,” and the multinational corporations.

“The EPA (like the FDA, CDC, etc) is a complete sham. Because the “P” in EPA stands for the protection of corporate profits and not for protecting human, animal and environmental (or biosphere) health. The EPA like other governmental regulatory agencies are corrupt to the core, completely dysfunctional and have been completely hijacked by the multinational corporations. ”

Despite his supervisor’s attempts to silence Davis, he continued to research geoengineering and the pollutants involved. Furthermore, he also began speaking out about the hazardous waste byproduct of fluoride known as HFSA that is being put in America’s water system. According to him, fertilizer and aluminum industries sell this byproduct to water utility companies throughout the nation.

Like many people who work for corrupt government agencies, it wasn’t long after working for the EPA that Davis lost the enchantment the job once held. Now, Davis claims that the P in EPA stands for “protection of corporate profit” not environmental protection, as they claim. Thankfully, Davis held his composure, and stood up bravely against the agency, knowing he risked losing his job. Hopefully, his story will encourage others to stand up against what they know to be wrong, and expose the truth.

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