Twin Flame Relationships: Is it Possible to Fall Out of Love?

By December 14, 2017 Spirituality

We all have a twin flame, as our twin flame is someone who is literally the other half of your soul. While we can have many soulmates, soul friends and so forth we only get one twin flame.

Twin flame relationships are, however, reserved for those who are what one would refer to as an advanced soul. This is because only advanced souls are able to descend to Earth in separate bodies. But of course, different people think different things in regards to that aspect of twin flames.

The twin flame is something that most people over-romanticize. They act as if finding your twin flame will solve all of your problems but that just isn’t true. Sometimes as much as we love and feel a connection with our twin flame we still do not end up together. It takes A LOT of work to make a real relationship work with your twin flame. This is odd seeing as two halves of a whole should fit together perfectly, right? Sadly, for some the energy and connection that comes with that is just far too intense to handle.

The twin flames will forever be pulled towards one another whether they end up together or not. There is for the most part almost always something pushing them apart. A real twin flame connection is not something that can ever be broken, you will still be working your way back to one another in each life, even if being together is toxic.

While most people want to believe that twin flame relationships are perfect and full of happiness the truth is sometimes they are not. They can be riddled with arguments and fighting. If you are not both ready things will never work.

You can fall out of love with your twin flame in a sense. While the connection will be there you might not feel affection for them depending on what you have been through together. In a twin flame relationship, it seems that the main reason they do not work is timing. They end up finding one another a bit too early, one is more spiritually advanced or ascended than the other.

Because of this, it creates a person running from the connection and a person chasing it. When you are on the same level everything works out but even the smallest difference can make a high impact on your relationship. The runner is trying to get away from the intensity of everything that the chaser is offering and the chaser is begging and pleading for the runner to just stop and give him or her what they both need.

It is a very sad reality to face but it is actually more common than you might think. However, eventually, these halves will come together as one in a life where they are both operating on the same frequency and when that happens their relationship together will flourish. Once you both get it right everything will be exactly as you imagined it should be.

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