Turkeys Are Striking Back, Aggressive Wild Turkeys Are Terrifying!

By November 23, 2017 Video

Sure, turkeys may be cute to some people, but they are pretty darn vicious to be completely honest. How close and personal have you ever been with one?

You see because turkeys live in a social hierarchy they respect what is known as the pecking order within that hierarchy. This is all fine and dandy for the turkeys, but when people get caught on the sidelines things can get very dirty very quickly. Some wild turkeys can actually even run 20 miles per hour so if you are on food, you’re fucked.

There are actually tons of videos online of wild turkeys wreaking havoc on locals, everywhere. Everyone from police officers to postal workers, NO ONE can escape their wrath. Because of this pecking order, I mentioned above if you do not establish dominance during your first encounter the turkey believes you are beneath it.

MassWildlife Explains this as follows:

“Pecking order is a social hierarchy or ranking in which each bird is dominant over or ‘pecks on’ birds of lesser social status. Males and females each have their own pecking order, and same-sex flocks have their own internal pecking order.”

While I did mention they were quick runners earlier I should also let you know that on some occasions they have been known to rocket themselves through the air and top out at about 55 miles per hours in short bursts. This and their weight together makes anyone more than glad to hide rather than prove their dominance.

For anyone who may not be aware the best way to defend yourself against an aggressive turkey or even a persistent one is to prevent the birds from becoming habituated in the first place. This meaning you need to be bold towards them. Everyone in the area will need to show the turkey or turkeys up. While you may think that to stay still is your best bet, it is not! Please feel free to check out the video below for more information.

(Image Via: Natgeo)

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