Sure some people like to do their foundation and concealer first does everyone do things this way? Well, apparently not.

It seems many of us have our own routines when it comes to doing our makeup. Some people use primers and setting sprays whereas the rest might not even opt for highlight or eyeliner at all. For some, a full face is the right choice and for others maybe less is more. The good thing about makeup is there is no limit to how much you can use and no minimum as to how much you need to us, we are all different.

The way we put our makeup on or should I say the order in which we put our makeup on really tells us a lot about who we are. Below I am going to go over some of these things and while they are not going to be all the possible ways they will be the most common ones I have noticed. Basically, this article will be about where you start, what extra products you may or may not use, the way you feel about makeup, and what you feel is the last step.

What do you do first when doing your makeup?

Eyes & Brows

If you do your eyes and brows first you are really good at thinking ahead. You have a plan and know how to get things where you want them. Chances are you are more confident than other people as well. You are very in tune with what you want.

Primer & Foundation (or just foundation)

If you start here this is most likely because you know what you are doing. You have places to be and things to do. You are a very driven individual. Now, if you don’t use primer at all it really shows that you are very much a minimalist which is not necessarily a good or bad thing. You are a very upfront person as well.

Just ‘Some Kind of Powder’

You don’t really mess with makeup all that much, but you do want your skin to look a little better. You are in a hurry and just want to get where you are going. You cannot be bothered by things like this, you are a very take me as I am kind of person.

What ‘extra’ products do you use?


Now, whether or not you consider these products to be ‘extra’ or not each one is considered ‘extra’ to someone somewhere in this world. The way we all do our makeup has been changing for years and will continue to do so until the end of time.

Setting Spray

This is what we use to set our faces in place. You want your makeup to last all day and most likely have important people to speak to. You are a warm and bubbly person that really enjoys the way misting your face feels.


You are all about that glow. You want people to notice you and with good reason. Chances are you already shine pretty damn bright on the inside so shining on the outside makes you feel even more amazing.

Contour (cream or powder)

You are a little insecure about the shape of your face but not to a seriously outrageous extent. You use contour products because you know it makes a difference. There is nothing wrong with being a little bit insecure, we all get that way from time to time. Some people might consider you to be a bit too dramatic but truthfully you’re not.


You want to bring back the warmth in your face, bronzer does this. Because you use bronzer we know you are not afraid to go that extra step. You are doing your best to be as inviting and friendly as possible even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Brow (pencil, pomade, powder etc.)

If you take the time to do your brows you want to make sure that when someone is looking in your eyes they are seeing exactly who you are. You might not realize it but how we groom our brows really affects the aura we send off through our eyes. If someone wants to be intimidating but their brows are a wreck the message might be skewed. That being said, you don’t have to do your brows, to each their own.

What is your ‘last step?’

Setting Spray

If you do your setting spray last you are someone that is ready for business. You know what you want and intend to go out and get it. You plan on having a long day of hard work and still looking the way you wanna look while doing it.


If mascara is your last step you are a lot like me, you wanna give yourself that extra pop and still not risk messing things up by having your mascara run from your setting spray. You are confident and fierce, your energy shines through more than you realize.


If you merely stop at powder you are once again quite minimalistic. You just want to get this done and get out the door. You are fine with your appearance and don’t really care about all that extra stuff. You know that the warmth of your heart will show no matter how you look. You just like to go with the flow and really want to sleep until you have to get up.


If you do your lips last you are most likely someone that really tries hard to make an impression. You really want people to think of you as a bold person. You are in control of your own life and you really want to pop.

What if you don’t wear makeup at all?

Well, if you don’t wear makeup at all you are someone that really likes to be easy-going and natural. You are a very peaceful and laid-back person. You might use some bb cream or some gloss from time to time but your unapologetically who you are and there is nothing wrong with that.

What does your makeup routine say about you? I know this was a bit broad but the point is we all do our makeup in the way that we do for a reason. Our subconscious is always acting whether we notice it or not. Your favorite products even reveal things about you check out the video below for more on that.

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