Throughout our lives, we will encounter more evil people than we can count. Sadly, in many cases, we don’t realize until it’s too late, but understanding the signs can make all the difference in the world.

I mean, sure, they may just be a jackass that needs to be put in their place. That’s definitely a possibility, and would arguably explain the majority of the jerks that we face on a daily basis, but what about the truly evil? Are they really out there among us? You bet they are, and on first glance, they look no different than you and I. Honestly, who can watch more than 5 minutes of the local news without acknowledging that evil exists in this world!

While you can’t exactly avoid an evil person, acknowledging that you are dealing with one will give you the opportunity to protect yourself and avoid falling victim. They may not be wearing a giant neon sign announcing that evil blood is flowing through their veins, but there are some relatively easy to spot signs that will give them away if you are watching for them!

Are You Dealing with An Evil Person? Here Are 14 Signs You Should Be Watching Your Back…

#1 – They lie so often that it’s questionable whether they even know where the truth ends, and their lies begin.

They don’t just reserve their lying for the big-ticket items. Instead, they lie about EVERYTHING. Some of these lies will be carefully selected to manipulate situations in their favor, but you’ll also notice there are times that you can’t make sense of their lies. These little white lies don’t actually change anything, but they just can’t help themselves. They are compulsive liars.

#2 – They will twist and alter facts to make the truth work for their agenda.

If the facts don’t add up to support the reality that they are trying to create, they aren’t going to let something that small hold them back! Rather than accepting defeat they will bend, twist and change the facts as necessary to fit their ‘truth.’ Often, they are so good at doing this that you will find yourself questioning what’s actually real.

#3 – They are highly manipulative, turning their charm on anyone and everyone.

They will manipulate anyone and everyone both to get them to do what they want and, honestly, just for the fun of knowing that they can. They are twisted like that.

#4 – They will misrepresent themselves to create a positive public persona.

If they just came out and revealed that they were evil, they wouldn’t be able to get convince anyone to help them in their twisted efforts. Instead, they go out of their way to create a public persona that they know will convince others to like them and trust them, misrepresenting themselves for the purpose of fooling everyone else.

#5 – They will fake friendship to get what they want, but don’t expect them to actually be there for you.

When they are in need of something, they will call on you and act as though you are their best friend in the whole world.  However, when the tables turn and you need a friend to step up for you then you will notice that they are nowhere to be found.

#6 – They change who they are based on who they are with at the time.

Have you noticed how this person can act one way, only to act an entirely different way around another person? This is a sign that they are carefully calculating how to act in order to get what they want, hiding their true intentions and personality from the world. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled.

#7 – They love nothing more than to be in complete control of every situation.

They are complete control freaks, eager to call the shots in every situation, even if they are not technically the one in charge. This is the teammate that somehow manages to run your work meetings from among the ranks, turning even the management into their pawns, doing their bidding. This is how they ensure that everything will go their way.

#8 – They can’t stand the idea of being responsible for anything.

You will notice that these people are quick to pass off even the smallest amount of responsibility, with no intention of being saddled with anything. Why? The concept of responsibility and living up to it means being tied to doing something ‘good’ and making it a priority. This may stand in the way of their own efforts, and they just can’t have that.

#9 – They delight in the pain and suffering of others.

If a person is facing a time of extreme stress, something traumatic is happening in their personal life, or they just experienced a significant failure at work, the good-hearted people among us will try to console them. We show them support, try to lift them up and offer help where we can. This isn’t the case for an evil individual. They are the ones standing in the shadows with a smirk on their face, just watching and delighting in the pain others are experiencing.

#10 – They refuse to see ANYTHING in life as black and white, right and wrong – creating a grey area that excuses their negative behaviors.

If they subscribed to the black and white thinking of right and wrong that most of society has come to accept, then they would be forced to acknowledge that many of the choices they make fall into the less than trustworthy side of life. Instead, they create a world in shades of grey where they can explain away even the most twisted and evil of decision, justifying their actions and maintaining their ‘good’ image.

#11 – Incredibly fake, there isn’t a genuine bone in their body.

Have you ever talked to someone and felt like there isn’t anything real at all about them? They fake their opinions to agree with the ‘right’ people, put on fake emotions when needed to maintain their image and establish fake friendships as it is convenient for them. Everything about them is carefully manufactured.

#12 – They are incredibly devious and have no interest in seeing anyone else succeed.

Not only do they want to succeed in everything that they do, they hate the idea of possibly having to share the spotlight. Hell, they just hate the idea of anyone else having a reason to celebrate. Even if your success will, in no way, impact their own, they will still go out of their way to sabotage you and prevent you from succeeding.

#13 – They often withhold information, avoiding telling the whole story.

If they were to share every last detail it would surely reveal their true intentions. Instead, they carefully choose what to share with each person, withholding information as necessary, so that they can manipulate the situation to work in their favor. This allows them to create the public image that they are kind, compassionate and generally ‘nice’ people, which makes others want to trust them (bad move!).

#14 – They show no remorse for the people that they hurt along the way.

Throughout their lives, evil people will tear down, manipulate, use and hurt more people than you can imagine, treating everyone else in life like nothing more than a pawn in their game. As if this isn’t bad enough, they will show absolutely no remorse for having done so. In fact, if given the option to go back and do it again, they wouldn’t avoid a single wrong choice, they may even make more, and they don’t feel even the slightest bit upset about it.

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