According to Taoist masters, trees are much more powerful than the rest of the world realizes. Not only do they provide us with oxygen but they also are able to transform energies and heal us in more ways than you might be able to imagine.

They go over in religious text that man must not hurt trees, burn the forests, or cut them down without reason. They are living beings that are to be respected. That being said, some trees are considered to be more important than others in they do more for us or are thought to be able to heal us in different ways. All trees have their place in this world.

Trees have their own energies and when we do-so properly we are able to tap into that energy. They can turn all out negatives into positives if we allow them to. Trees and all plants have the ability to do so much for us. Trees are the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on this planet and if we want to benefit from them we must first gain permission to do so.

Before setting out to really connect with a tree you will first need to choose a tree to work with. Different trees can hold different things for each of us. Below I am going to give you a list of different trees and the things those trees might be able to bring forth for you.

The 13 most beneficial trees as described and broken down by DharmaCafe are as follows:

1. Cypress and cedar trees reduce heat and nourish Yin energy.
2. Willow trees help to expel sick winds, rid the body of excess dampness, reduce high blood pressure, and strengthen the urinary tract and bladder.
3. Elm trees calm the mind and strengthen the stomach.
4. Maple trees chase sick winds and help reduce pain.
5. Locust trees help clear internal heat and help balance the weather of the heart.
6. Banyan trees clear the heart and help to rid the body of dampness
7. Cinnamon trees can clear coldness from the heart and abdomen.
8. Fir trees help clear up bruises, reduce swelling, and heal broken bones faster.
9. Hawthorn trees help aid digestion, strengthen the intestines, and lower blood pressure,
10. Birch trees help clear heat and dampness from the body am: help to detoxify it.
11. Plum trees nourish the spleen, stomach, and pancreas and calm the mind.
12. Fig trees clear excess heat from the body, increase saliva. nourish the spleen. and help stop diarrhea.
13. Ginco trees help strengthen the bladder and alleviate urinary problems in women.

Now, for me, Pine is almost always my go-to as they radiate Chi and work to strengthen us overall any of these other trees would be great to work with as well. You will need to stand or sit with the tree, in front of it and relax. Offer a welcome to the tree and really extend your energy towards it in a friendly manner. While this might sound silly to some if you are truly as in tune with nature as you should be this will be a wonderful experience.

Once you have done this you should begin feeling the tree extend its energy back to you, if you do not feel this then you need to relax more. Breathe the energy being pulsated towards you in and allow it to come into your body. Use your mind’s eye and really paint this energy in your head. During this time your intuition will be guiding you.

Now, there are other ways you can absorb Chi from trees but this is the best place to begin. Once you have done this you can move forward in getting to know the tree before you and allowing it to heal you in different ways.


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