Technology is a great thing and is useful in limitless scenarios. However, the technological takeover has had a horrendous effect on young people; but the effect it’s having on children is toxic and urgent.

Ten years ago psychologist Sue Palmer Said that social media could be a very bad thing, posing many harmful risks to humans. She was absolutely correct when saying this too. Nobody listened to her back then and now we are on an unstoppable snowballing technological takeover – and it’s destroying society. Social media has had a bad effect on all adults and young people that have invested themselves in it, but there are some new urgent dangers presented to children born and growing up amidst the technological takeover. You see, we adults were born in a time where we didn’t have the mass amounts of social media we do today. We were able to experience eating at a table without everyone being nose deep in a cell phone or being able to walk a sidewalk without seeing everyone walk around like mindless zombies. You see, today’s kids never had that opportunity. They were born having technology literally shoved in their faces and we’re the ones that have done it to them – and we need to fix it.

Personally, one of the most frustrating parenting techniques you see in public today is parents shoving an iPad in front of their kids face to shut them up. It’s honestly cruel and depriving them of major behavioral components. Sue Palmer is back again with a new warning, and we’d better listen this time. In her book, Toxic Childhood, she outlines the dangers of too much screen time on both children’s mental and physical health.

More and more children are becoming slaves to the screen, as the average kid spends about 6 hours in front of a screen per day. Palmer says that we can only speculate the effects of the screens on children because we have yet to figure out how they behave as adults. But is that something we want to risk? If I was a parent I certainly wouldn’t.

A recent study showed that 10% of children under 4 years were put to bed with a tablet to play as they fall asleep. Another research study about families owning a tablet revealed that one-third of children under 3 years old had their own tablets.

The earlier we introduce children to tablets, the harder it is for them to live without them. Life is not about the internet and social media. Kids should be finding things in nature to entertain themselves, not with a screen. Put away the screen and tell them to go outside and play! Organize some fun family time under the sun. It’ll be well worth it. You should additionally decrease the amount of time your children are spending in front of a screen. You don’t want to find out the horrendous effects it has firsthand.


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