For any of us, a relationship with a narcissist would be considered awful, right? For an empath this is increased at least tenfold.

Empaths and narcissists, for some reason, are attracted to one another in all ways. The narcissist targets the empath because he or she has so much to gain from them, but the empath loves the narcissist because he or she feels a deep connection like nothing else. There is nothing more toxic in my book than a relationship between these two.

The Empath is forced to put his or herself second and let the narcissist drain them. They will place the needs of this narcissist over their own time and time again. I guess you could say this toxic relationship is great if you’re a narcissist, but if you are an empath, your life is a living hell, to say the least.

Empaths are everything that the narcissist is not. They see all of the qualities they lack in the empath and if you know anything about narcissists you know they tend to covet the things they do not have. The empath is a beacon in the dark.

The narcissist makes the empath believe that he or she is the only person who can help him or her. This is a terribly dangerous co-dependent relationship that revolves around nothing but fulfilling the needs of the one person who will never be satisfied. When this sort of relationship ends up becoming a reality, in time it is the empath’s responsibility to realize that something is wrong. The narcissist will never see the error in his or her ways. He or she will never change.

The empath must realize that getting out of the situation is the only way to resolve it. The empath needs to get out as soon as possible to prevent further draining and neglect, but far too often the empath chooses to stay for far too long. This leaves them with long-term damage.

If you are an empath, then you truly need to protect yourself in every possible way. Narcissists will continue to target empaths until the end of time and we must be prepared. A destructive relationship will never end well.

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