Thousands Of US Troops Arrive In Europe In “One Of Largest Deployments Since The Cold War”

By January 11, 2017 U.S. News, World News

Just days after the U.S announced that they were deploying around 2,800 tanks to Germany to “deter Russian aggression”, yet another U.S deployment has made its way to Europe. Around 4,000 troops arrived at the German port of Bremerhaven over the weekend, to make their way to Poland in an effort to supposedly “reassure the alliance’s Eastern European allies.”

Apparently, the move, which is sure to provoke Russia, was to “maintain peace through preparation,” according to NATO’s Major General Timothy Mcquire.

These two deployments were to join the currently in motion Operation Atlantic Resolve, which is a mission in process by NATO that was created to show support for European allies. The resolve was launched directly after the partition of the Ukraine that caused the Baltic nations to fear that Vladimir Putin might be planning a similar takeover there.

The Independent reported that the deployment is “one of the largest movements of US troops to Europe since the Cold War.”

Lt. General Tim Ray explained the moves to Reuters by saying, “Let me be very clear, this is one part of our efforts to deter Russian aggression, ensure the territorial integrity of our allies and maintain a Europe that is whole, free, prosperous and at peace.”

Unfortunately, rather than the move producing peace, it appears that it will only mark the beginning of yet another war.

Major General Timothy McGuire stated that he felt the deployment was a “tangible sign of the United States’ commitment to maintaining peace” on the European continent. In response to the continuing buildup, Putin has deployed nuclear-capable ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad.

Russia maintains that the West is to blame for worsening relations and stated that the troop buildup in the Baltic’s is yet another provocation. Of course, there are sure to be further complaints in consideration of the fact that another 4,000 NATO troops are set to be posted in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia in the next few months.

To top that off, Britain plans to send an 800-strong battalion to Estonia that will be supported by French and Danish troops as soon as May.
Many German politicians are criticizing the deployment, including Dietmar Woidke. In an interview with RBB, he said, “I hope everyone will keep calm. I believe that despite all of the difficulties, she should seek dialogue with Russia.” In another statement, he said he felt that “it does not help us if tanks will be going up and down both sides of the border.”

And it isn’t just the politicians in Germany that are upset, either. A massive crowd filled the streets of Bremerhaven on Saturday to display their disgust with the deployment. Many held signs that stated, “No NATO deployments! End the militaristic march against Russia.”

“There is, starting from Washington DC, a major push to do everything possible in the next two weeks to create unending hostility between the West and Russia that can’t be undone by Donald Trump or anyone else. Even at the risk of open violence, rather than simply Cold War hostility. This is highly preferable to weapons profiteers as against actual peace breaking out, which is their greatest fear,” David Swanson, an author and journalist explained to RT.

“It is clearly an escalation that involves numerous facets including propaganda about Russian crimes in the US media; that includes shipping troops and equipment to the border; that includes expanding NATO and pushing hard on other NATO members to join in this escalation where you have serious protests in Germany by those who want peace [and are] against sending Germans or Americans from Germany eastward, as they should. There are not enough of us in the US similarly protesting,” he added.

Sadly, if anyone agrees with this state of mind they either are fake news or have been propagandized by it, according to the establishment. Apparently, we live in a time when a display of disagreement towards the Western mindset is considered as treasonous. No matter how logical it may be.

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