The past few months have been chaotic to say the least.  Each month has been one energetic powerhouse right after the next and most of us really need a break.

August is well underway and this week is going to be a wild one.  There are several planets in retrograde and one making its way to becoming direct. With all that is going on in the celestial world, there is no wonder that we all feel like we’re running around with our heads cut off. The astrological energies before us are all conflicting and really impacting our lives drastically.

Below I am going to go over what each sign can expect in the week to come. Whether you are ready for the things ahead or terrified they will be happening. Stop fighting, calm down, and move forward. This will help you to grow so much more than you think. This is all going to really add up to something huge in your future.


You’re going to be arguing a lot with someone very close to you. A lot of problems will be coming up but also a lot of answers will be found. While you might not like where things end up this is something that has been needing to happen for quite some time. Sure, no one is perfect but you can only take so much before your options run slim.


Success seems well within your reach but you’re going to be facing a serious setback this week. Something really bad is going to happen whether you find out about it now or later. While the changes to come are going to be very stressful you need to come at them from a ‘common sense’ point of view. Don’t let anything get to your head too terribly.


This week is going to be complete and utter chaos for you but you’ll make it through. You are going to be pushed and pulled all over the place and you might feel like you’re finally at your witts end. Don’t give up.


You are going to be focusing more on your home life this week which is going to be holding you back a bit. You are going to be forced to make a decision very soon and this week is going to really outline that decision. While you are a very kind and loving person, there has to be a limit. Where do your dreams end and begin?


Hold off on speaking up during the course of this week. You don’t want to say anything too out of line considering the stress everyone is under. You need to calm down and really let things happen as they are going to instead of stepping in again. You don’t need to cause more problems.


You are going to be a lot more emotional this week. Whether you are down in the dumps or up in the clouds something is going to be off. You are going to be either spending too much or hardly scraping by depending on how this week goes so really pay attention to the small things. You can’t be careless anymore, times are changing.


You really need to stop expecting so much from people. You always give far more than you should and it always bites you in the ass. The more you do for others the more overwhelmed you’re going to feel, STOP IT.


You’re not going to be feeling very well this week. The burdens you have been carrying are going to be weighing heavy in your mind. If you don’t address the things going on and work through them in whatever way is necessary they will only continue to haunt you. Something is going to really come to the light during this week.


This week is going to be confusing for you but also quite interesting. You are going to come across someone that really stands out be it someone you have met or a new person. They are going to make a difference that you didn’t realize needed to be made.


You are going to be pushed to be more honest during this week. That thing you’ve been pondering over and hiding away needs to be spoken out loud. Accept yourself and if you don’t want things to stay the same, change them. You’re not a toy, you’re a human being and you deserve to be treated properly.


You are going to be much more stressed than usual this week. While you won’t know why there will be something you cannot quite pinpoint bugging the hell out of you. It will all make sense sooner or later. Just reflect as best you can.


You are going to be breaking out of your shell more this week than you have been in the past few months. You are going to be going to do something fun for once and really putting yourself out there. Don’t get your hopes up too high, things might take a turn for the worse but just remember if they do, it is a turn that needed to be taken.

Image via Women’s Health Magazine

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