While it might seem like the week is off to a rough start, there are some zodiac signs who will be having their week turn around completely for a number of reasons. As we move forward in the season of Taurus we are all going to be more inclined to treat ourselves.

As this week continues forth some signs will remain down the beaten path and others will be finding a much more luxurious means of travel. While not all signs are going to be getting the self-care they might need right now those who are will be quite grateful. Below I am going to go over the five signs that are moving forth into easily one of the best weeks of their lives whether they realize it or not.


Since this week lives within your season using the energies around you to your advantage is ideal. You’re going to be feeling ready to break free and out of your shell. In the past few months you’ve lost parts of yourself you never thought you’d be able to get back, however, that is all changing right now.


As this week moves forward you are going to be feeling a bit out of place but within reason. You’re going to be working to finally release yourself from those people who have been leaving you feeling as if you were being smothered. This week is going to free you in a lot of ways and bring you to a new mindset that you will wish you had found long ago. There is nothing wrong with making changes that you feel need to be made.


You’re about to head out on a new adventure and while it is a scary idea, it is something you will regret not having done if you change your mind. Get out there and allow yourself to truly live. This life is far shorter than most people realize and taking risks is a part of it. You will be surprised by how amazing you end up feeling by the time this week reaches its end.


As a Virgo, you might not usually be as quick to open up as you should be but right now that’s going to be getting a bit mixed up. This week has you feeling fresh and new but in ways, you’ve never experienced before. You’re ready to go out and have some fun but also ready to let the people closest to you in a bit more. If you take advantage of the energies before you, something fantastic may end up coming your way.


This week is going to bring you a lot of happiness and creative ideas. As the days pass you’re going to notice more and more how unique you are at a core level and work to stand out from the people who have been overshadowing you. The spotlight is yours, what will you do with it?

Did your sign make this list? If you didn’t still try not to be discouraged, your week may still be great. The energies around us are what we make of them. You can make the most out of whatever is before you.

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