Sure, we all know how dangerous ticks can be but do we know how ‘fight’ them? You can spray bug spray all over your exposed flesh while outdoors but is that going to keep you from finding a small tick latched onto your inner thigh or arm later on in the night?

Protecting ourselves from ticks is something we all need to be focusing on more especially now in these warmer months. Ticks can carry some pretty deadly diseases and avoiding their bites altogether is something we can really work towards. Below I am going to go over one of the best ways to keep ticks at bay, while it might take up some of your time while you’re outside it really does make a huge difference.

How to Keep Ticks From Biting You:

Things Needed:

1 Lint roller

1 Spray bottle

2 Cups of distilled white vinegar

1 Cup of water

2 tablespoons of lemongrass oil


Using the water and vinegar fill up the spray bottle and add in the lemongrass oil. Shake this well and use it as a spray like you would for mosquitoes. Lemongrass oil is a natural flea and tick deterrent and the smell, as well as the taste of vinegar, will help keep the ticks away big time. From here you can continue on having fun outdoors but ever so often take that lint roller and roll it over your clothes and skin. If a tick has crawled up your leg or somewhere else you will most likely catch it on the lint roller.


Yes, it is that simple. You can keep ticks off you and your children if you take the time to pay attention. Once you have gone back inside, of course, do not hesitate to do a check and make sure none were overlooked. Have you ever done anything like this?


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