This Simple Trick Will Help You Get Ice Off Your Windshield In Just Seconds

By December 1, 2018 Video

While a lot of people dread the winter months for a number of reasons, cleaning off those icy windshields is easily one of the worst parts of the colder months. Going outside to head to work and having to spend ten minutes scraping the windshield is never fun but it is also not something that you have to do.

You might be surprised to learn that there are a number of tricks you can use to get that ice off your windshield within seconds. Sure, you could buy a commercial de-icer but those aerosol cans are not the most conventional. Actually, making your own de-icing spray could really cut down on your car’s defrost time in a big way. According to Safelite’s website, the recipe for an effective de-icer is a lot simpler than most would assume. With just a few ingredients that you most likely already have, you could be well on your way.

Below I am going to go over the best working de-icer recipe that you can make all on your own. If you have ever given this a try let us know how it worked for you. I for one will be keeping this mixture on hand each winter in the years to come.

Simple Windshield De-Icer Recipe:

Things Needed:

Spray bottle

Rubbing alcohol



Depending on the size of your spray bottle add one part water into the container and then two parts rubbing alcohol. You can mix the two outside of the spray bottle or merely shake them up once they are both within the bottle itself. From here you can place the lid on your bottle and give it a go.

The water you use does not have to be warm or cold it can be room temperature and work just fine. This solution will melt the ice away with ease immediately. While you can wipe off excess with a scraper, you do not have to. To see a demonstration of this please check out the video below. With just three simple ingredients, you cannot beat this one.

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