This Simple Exercise Can Naturally Drain Your Lymph System, Boost Immunity, And Remove Toxins

If you have never considered the importance of draining your lymph system now is the time to do so. It is a very important thing to do whether you realize it or not.

One of the best ways to work to encourage drainage is by exercising or working out using something known as the rebounder. This, for those who do not know, is basically a mini trampoline. If done correctly this kind of thing can work wonders.

You see, our lymph system works like a pump. If we are not moving the fluid is not going to force itself to move out of the body, makes sense now doesn’t it? Any kind of exercise can kick it into gear but working on a rebounder really does a great job. It is easily one of the most effective ways.

While you could use a full sized trampoline the mini one is much more convenient. You don’t necessarily have to do much, just get your body moving. Simply jumping up and down on the trampoline is enough to get things going even if just for a few minutes each day.

Star Bounding explains why it works as follows:

Research suggests that when performing rebounding exercise workouts on mini trampolines activate the conditions that pump your lymphatic circulation.
The upward bounce against the downward pull of gravity closes millions of the one-way valves that regulate the flow of fluid. Moving down again releases pressure in these valves.

The increased G-Force, experienced when you land and depress the rebounder mat encourages a healthy surge of fluid throughout your whole body. As the pressure in your tissues changes, the flow of lymph is shunted on.

Your body thrives on the change in speed and direction with rebounding exercise that occurs twice with each bounce. To create an increase in pressure, to stimulate circulation and move the lymph forward you depend on the following:

Changes in gravitational pull, Muscular contractions

Respiratory pressure, with deep, full, breathing

Changes in atmospheric pressure

Activation of calf, thigh and abdominal muscles

With rebounding exercises on mini trampolines, you use the forces of gravity, acceleration, and deceleration to strengthen the cells in your body, without applying traumatic stress impact to muscles, tissues, and joints.
Your immune system, of which your lymphatic vessels are an important part, is the mother of all systems. If it is geared for immediate action when an invasion occurs it will function well and you have less risk of falling ill.

It may take some time to see and feel a difference, but it is worth the wait. It also really helps with reducing cellulite and improving posture. Rebounding really works to change what we consider to be the gravitational pull of your body in itself. This opens things up and really gets your lymphs moving. It is also known to benefit is by helping increase our bone density, NASA actually even went so far as to do a study on it and uses rebounding on astronauts.

Yes, something as simple as jumping on a mini trampoline could change your life drastically. This might be exactly what you need.

Image via Simple Organic Life

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