Back in June of 2015, this light bulb hit one million hours of use, and it is still going strong. I am awestruck!

This light bulb is set up working inside a small firehouse in Livermore, California. It is still burning however not quite as bright as it used to. This bulb has been dubbed the Centennial Bulb and it is known as the longest lasting light bulb thus far.

According to the, this bulb was first
installed at firehouse back in 1901 and was moved around through different areas of said firehouse up until 1976 when the firehouse itself was moved to a new location and it was finally put where it will remain until it goes out. It is currently running at about 4 watts but was at 60 watts when initially plugged back in. Proof of this bulb’s longevity was found through local newspaper records and things of the sort. GE actually researched into it and found that it was donated to the Fire Department by a Dennis Bernal who owned the Livermore Power and Light Co.

This bulb was made by the Shelby Electric Company and is a handblown bulb with carbon filament. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Work Records as the oldest working light bulb. You can actually visit this bulb depending on the availability of the firemen on hand. The website for this bulb says you should merely go to the rear of the station and ring the bell. If someone is there they will answer the door, otherwise, you will only be able to see it through the window (top and to the left).

Now, if you cannot visit the bulb you can view it on the website by clicking here. It is being recorded and updated every 30 seconds. To be completely honest it seems as if the bulb is in a perfect location.

It is not unusual for bulbs of the era it was made to burn for a long time. This bulb was made long before the life-span of our bulbs were set by those hungry for profit. There just really is no such thing as a bulb built to last anymore. We have seen this time and time again throughout many companies and with tons of different products. I mean, even Apple products are hard to repair and do tend to become outdated quickly. Everything has a life-span and for most things that life-span is quite short.

While drastic changes need to be made in regards to that kind of thing I highly doubt they ever will be. That being said this Centennial Bulb is quite interesting and I cannot wait to see how long it does end up lasting. What do you think about this kind of thing? Do you think we need to regulate the durability and repairability of products?

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