In this world, there are so many things that make up who we are. While we are all unique in our own ways, when broken down we all fit into specific areas that some people just won’t be able to.

Understanding your own personality in itself can be a bit complex if you’re not used to diving into that world or that side of things which is where quizzes and tests come in. Sure, the idea of using a test or quiz to get to know yourself might seem silly to some but how better to learn about ‘you’ than to question ‘you?’ As human beings we have several specific traits that reign more prominently than the rest and there is nothing wrong with that.

For instance, I am a very reliable person and that in itself really explains why I do the things I do and why I am never willing to give up. If I say that I am going to do something, I do it. While in some cases I might get thrown off or go through something that hinders me but overall I do all I can to accomplish all I set out to do. My sister, on the other hand, is too caring. She is so dominated by the emotions she feels for others that she becomes a punching bag more often than not for the people she allows close. The traits we are most abundant in can either hold us back or push us forward depending on how we address them once they are brought to our attention.

If you want to really get to know yourself and understand your most defining trait you should take the time to complete the quiz below. While it is a bit short it will bring the most important things out in you and reveal a truth that you have known but been unable to come to terms with for what could have been a long time. This quiz takes your answers into consideration and really works to figure out how you move forth in this world.

Be as open and honest as possible when answering these questions if you truly want accurate results. What is your most dominant trait and how does that affect you now that you’re aware of it? I for one think that everyone should take quizzes like this one from time to time.

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