Psychologists have long been interested in the way the human brain perceives various colors and the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that they trigger. There was even a point in history where color was used as part of a holistic or alternative approach to medicine, known as chromotherapy. On one hand, we may feel drawn to a certain color due to the psychological connotation that comes to mind, however, it can also be used to influence the way that we think or react. For example, one song may make you feel confident and powerful, while another may trigger feelings of peace and tranquility.

The study is called color psychology, and it helps us to understand why people may prefer one color over another. Understanding this can provide us with some insight into who we truly are at the core, a peek at our inner selves. Are you drawn to the positive and joyful color orange? Maybe you prefer the mystery, ambition, and creativity that is associated with purple?

Often the association between gender and color preference is shrugged off as being nothing more than stereotypes in action. While there is some truth to that statement as far as the blue versus pink debate, experts say that there is some truth to the gender bias created by society, there is a difference between the colors that the average man and woman are drawn to. Men are most often drawn to darker tones and bolder hues, while women prefer softer, muted colors.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the products that are marketed to each of the genders, they are often marketed in that way for a reason. For example, let’s look at bedding and furniture colors. The products marketed to a men’s ‘bachelor pad’ are often darker tones such as grey, black, and navy blue. Meanwhile, the ‘girly’ bedding is often bright whites and pale colors including lavenders, pinks, and soft yellows. There will always be the exception to the rule, but for the vast majority of the population, this preference will ring true.

What does your color choice reveal about your identity? Are you an exception to the rule?

Inspired by an article written by Sun-Gazing

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