There are some pretty interesting urban legends in each state, some more interesting than others but all being quite thought-provoking. Chances are you know all about the one from your state but what about the rest of the US?

I recently spent a lot of time looking into different urban legends from each state and it seems at least one from every state stood out to me. Below I am going to go over what I consider to be the scariest urban legend from each and every state, this might be a bit too spooky for some but if you like scary stories you are in for a treat. Once you have read over these, feel free to let us know which was your favorite.

Alabama: Hell’s Gate Bridge

Hell’s Gate bridge is located in Oxford Alabama and basically, the story goes that if you stop on the bridge and turn around the road behind you will look like the gates of hell. This being as a couple many years back lost their lives on this bridge. It is said that if you stop on the bridge and turn off all the lights one of the two people who died (the couple) will get into the car with you leaving a wet spot on the seat. While the bridge was officially closed back in 2005 it has not stopped people from visiting.

Alaska: The Historic Anchorage Hotel

This happens to be the only historic hotel in the city and is quite beautiful. Stories of ghostly things happening have been plaguing the hotel for years on end. This is said to be in relation to the death of Anchorage’s first Chief of Police, Jack Sturgus. He was found shot in the back by his own gun just steps away from the hotel. It is thought that his ghost returns to the scene every year and haunts the location seeking justice for the unsolved crime.

Arizona: The Ghosts of Slaughterhouse Canyon

This story has been told in many different ways throughout the years but for the most part, all have the same outline. During the gold rush if the 1800s a gold miner and his family were living in the heart of the canyon. The miner would go out looking for gold and food to bring home for his family but one day he did not return from his trip. His family was left to starve and in the end, his wife lost her mind and murdered her children so that she would not have to watch them starve to death any longer. It is said that you can hear the screaming and crying late into the night in all parts of the canyon.

Arkansas: The Boggy Creek Monster

This one is the story of a monster that stands about eight foot tall and weighs around 300 pounds. It is thought to look something like bigfoot and has been the subject of several movies. Tons of sightings have been reported through the years and it is thought the monster will do harm to those who get too close.

California: Alien Blood Poisons Entire Hospital

A woman named Gloria Ramirez had her blood sampled in the Er at a hospital in California. During the act of taking her blood, a foul odor is said to have filled the room. Ramirez’s skin became extremely oily and everyone began losing consciousness. She died shortly after but it is thought that she was most likely not human. There are some versions of this story with more detail but I think you get the gist.

Colorado: The Many Legends of Riverdale Road

This is thought to be Colorado’s most haunted road. It is located in Thronton, Colorado and is about 11 miles long. Many believe the stretch of road itself is cursed. One of the most infamous stories of this road is more-so about a house built along the roadway. It is said that the man who lived there was possessed by the devil and killed his whole family before burning down the house and killing himself. The gates of that home are thought to be the gates of hell and there have been reports of dead animals being left there by some kind of cult. The stories surrounding this road are endless and pretty damn freaky.

Connecticut: Hannah Cranna

Hannah Cranna was known as the ‘Wicked Witch of Monroe.’ She was suspected to be a witch after the death of her husband hundreds of years ago. Hannah died just days after telling a neighbor that she thought her end was near. She gave specific instructions to this neighbor as to how she was to be buried. Because it was snowing the day of her funeral locals decided to go against her wishes and despite what seemed like everything getting in their way they did manage to get her into her hole.

However, they returned to find her house on fire. This burned her into their minds forever and stories of her being around even now are still quite popular. People from all over claim to have encountered her at one point or another. Her grave is not hard to find and can be visited even now.

Delaware: Mr. Chews

A man mocked for his last name even after his death is thought to personally haunt those who made fun of him. He sends them into uncontrollable fits of sneezing and while that might not sound too terrible is quite hard to deal with. Because taunting the dead brings ill omens to towns as a whole the place where Chews is said to be from does not necessarily have the best luck.

Florida: The Devil’s Chair

According to stories if you sit in this huge brick chair at midnight the devil will come speak to you. While it doesn’t necessarily look too spooky many claims to have heard voices while sitting in it. People mention having seen dark figures, strange people, and well just about anything you could think of while in the presence of this chair at night.

Georgia: Cry Baby Bridge

This one is located in Columbus Georgia and was recently destroyed and rebuilt. Locals claim that either a woman drowned her three children here or that the children drowned by accident. People mention having seen strange mists or fogs and EVP’s have been captured here. If you park on the bridge in the middle of the night and turn off the lights lots of spooky things are said to happen.

Hawaii: Night Marchers

Night marchers are ghostly figures who pound drums as they move. They are thought to be armed spirit warriors headed to battle and roam through specific locations. They are said to float a few inches off the ground and sometimes mysterious footprints are found when they pass. Locals know to never interrupt the march and crouch low to the ground playing dead until they have crossed.

Idaho: Haunted High School

Pocatello high school in Idaho is thought to be the most haunted school in the state. Back in 2014, a ghost was caught on the school security footage moving through the halls and setting off alarms. Some claim this ghost is a girl who died at the school and others are not so convinced. This one had me shook.

Illinois: Homey the Clown

Back in the early 90s kids were terrified of this clown. His name was Homey and he was said to have been snatching children up and throwing them in his white van. That being said, there are no records of him having existed and the detective who was thought to of worked on the case has been dead for several years. Some believe he is still around even now.

Indiana: The 100 Steps Cemetery

According to legend if you go to the cemetery at midnight you have to count each step as you go up to the top of the hill. Once you arrive and face the open field where grave plots lie you will be greeted by the spirit of the first undertaker to work at the cemetery. He will reveal to you how you are going to die in a vision. As you go to the bottom again you must count your steps a second time. If you count the same number of steps then the vision will come true but if not then you will die in a different way.

Iowa: The Black Angel of Oakland Cemetery

This huge statue of an angel really stands out in the cemetery as is but its store makes it all the more noticeable. It is said that if you touch the black angel you will die. This statue has been where it is now since 1912 and was not always so dark. While no one is sure why the color has changed it is clear that something spooky is going on. Some try to test their luck by touching or kissing the statue but it is also said that the only way to avoid death is by being a virgin at the time of the encounter.

Kansas: The Hamburger Man

The story goes that there is a deformed man who was maimed in a car crash or possibly a house fire roaming around Kansas. He is thought to live in a shack somewhere on Hamburger Hill in Hutchinson and is a cannibal. He hunts those who dare to roam the hill alone at night and grinds down their bodies while they are still alive. He makes hamburger like dinners out of them.

Kentucky: Sleepy Hollow Road

There are several stories of Sleepy Hollow Road in Oldham County. This road is a mere two miles but full of lore. One of the more well-known stories is one of a black hearse that shows up out of nowhere and follows vehicles. It is said to run many of them off the road.

Louisiana: The Grunch

Basically, according to legend, there was a strange group of people living out in the woods around the Eastern area of New Orleans. They are thought to be an inbred clan of albino dwarf people who eat those who come through. They live on Grunch road and it is thought that they lure people out of their vehicles by placing injured goats in the road. Stay in your vehicle and get off the road as quick as you can.

Maine: The Mackworth Island Tree

This tree has faces that stick out of the bark. They look as if they are in pain and were thought to have been carved by native tribes. The purpose unknown local legend says many children from a nearby school throughout the years claimed to have been able to speak to the tree. This tree has however been removed as it was struck by lightning a few years back.

Maryland: The Goatman

The goatman, a man with goat legs that terrorizes young lovers, chases teens and basically decapitates local dogs. He has made appearances all over the area and has been around for decades. Crazy, right?

Massachusetts: The Spirits of Hoosac Tunnel

This tunnel has been around for quite some time but many claims to see and hear things within it. It is said that many died during the creation of this tunnel and that they are the ones who haunt it. Many say that you can feel the energy and that it seems those who are stuck in this place are full of pain.

Michigan: The Little Girl on Knock Knock Road

Knock Knock Road also known as Strasburg road in the Detroit area is thought to be quite haunted. People note seeing a small girl on the side of the street all alone. People note her knocking on their driver’s side window many times looking for the driver who killed her. This story has been very much alive since the 40s.

Minnesota: Dead Man’s Trail

This one is the story of a young Native American woman whose baby was carried away by the rushing river over the falls and into the rocks below. She cursed the river and people still mention having seen her even now. There is a trail all along the river and people come here hoping to see or hear her time and time again.

Mississippi: Deer Island’s Haunted Treasure

Two fishermen planning on staying on Deer Island overnight were sitting around their campfire when they heard something moving in the bushes. They decided to investigate and found a headless skeleton that began chasing them. At this point, they got on their boat and left all of their things behind. It is said that this headless skeleton is a pirate who stayed behind to guard the treasure his crew had buried.

Missouri: Momo the Missouri Monster

This one begins back in the early 70s. Some young kids were out playing with their dog when their older sister who was inside at the time heard them screaming. She ran to see what was going on and noticed a huge black figure standing by a tree. It was munching on a dead dog and the smell of it was thought to have made their dog sick as well.

The whole town went into a frenzy trying to locate and kill this monster but it was never truly accomplished. Many more sightings were reported but nothing else ever came of this monster. Some people claim it is still around even now.

Montana: The Story of Sacrifice Cliff

According to legend, this cliff is named as such because two Crow warriors rode their horses over the cliff to their deaths after finding a tribal encampment nearly wiped out by smallpox. Whether the story is true or not it is quite chilling. Just about everyone in Montana knows this story.

Nebraska: The Poisoned Girl at Centennial Hall

Legend has it that back in the mid-40s a girl was fatally poisoned here while playing her clarinet. The poison was found on her reed and her ghost has been spotted ever since. Some even note hearing her play in different rooms. This is interesting as there are no instruments present within the building.

Nevada: Area 51

In the middle of the Nevada desert, the dusty unmarked road that leads to the gates of area 51 is something most people rarely see. You can only go to a specific point before being forced to leave even now. Many believe this is the place where aliens are housed and that there are tons of supernatural things going on within the building itself.

New Hampshire: The Witch of Hampton (Goody Cole)

Convicted of witchcraft back in 1656 she spent what was left of her life in prison. Eunice ‘goody’ Cole is remembered now as the witch of Hampton and many believe she truly was. That being said, her story is a heart-breaking one.

New Jersey: The Jersey Devil

According to legend, a Pines resident known as Mother Leeds became pregnant for the 13th time. She for some reason said something along the lines of ‘let this one be a devil’ at some point and just months later went into labor bearing exactly that. This normal baby boy morphed right before her eyes into something hideous. He was unlike anything this world had seen.

The creature attacked his own mother and killed her before turning his attention to the rest of the people in the room. From there a killing rampage began and to this day it is thought to terrorize those who are unfortunate enough to come across it. Many say they still spot it from time to time.

New Mexico: Chupacabra

This creepy creature that is thought to suck the blood of those who come in contact with it is quite interesting. Its story has been around for far longer than we realize and in many different areas. New Mexico is one of the places in which it is sighted the most.

New York: The Rake

Now, this one kind of makes me think of Slenderman but is still a bit different. The rake is a very haunting creature that has been spotted in many places, most being the rural areas of New York. Anyone who looks it in the eyes becomes its victim and it is thought to come into people’s houses and watch them sleep. Some say they have seen this creature at the foot of their beds and others say if you were to see it, you would not be able to survive.

North Carolina: The Beast of Bladenboro

This one is also very old. Apparently, it begins with a woman who heard her neighbor’s dogs barking. She went to see what was wrong only to find a huge cat-like creature in the darkness. This creature drained those dogs just days later of all of their blood. I guess you could say this one is similar to the Chupacabra in that aspect.

People would report hearing loud screams and more dogs that were also drained of their blood. The killings did eventually stop but nothing was ever caught. There seems to be a lot more to this story than we know.

North Dakota: White Lady Lane

This story goes that a young maiden was promised to a man who was to wait one whole year before marrying/seeing her again. When the time came for him to do so the mother told him no. Angry he shot the girl and her mother. He ended up in prison and while the mother lived she was damaged. Her daughter is said to haunt the area even now as she was merely 16 and not ready to die. She is said the be seen on Halloween near a bog called Eddie’s Bridge still wearing her white nightgown.

Ohio: Satan’s Hollow

Locals call this the portal to hell and it is basically a storm drain that people believe serves as a gathering spot for devil worshipers. It is said that a demon known as the shadow man guards this portal to hell but it does not stop people from visiting.

Oklahoma: The ‘Hex House’

The Hex House in Tulsa has a dark and evil history. A woman by the name of Carolann Smith lived in a duplex with two other women, these two women basically being her slaves. They were hexed into giving every bit of their money to Smith and she lived off of their hard work. While the house in which they lived was demolished it is thought that the basement is still intact under the now parking lot that sits where the house once was. This inspired one of the scariest Halloween houses in the area as well.

Oregon: Crater Lake

This lake has seen many interesting events. Hikers have found mutilated bodies on trails and many seem to spot UFOs like crazy. People going missing near the lake is far more common than it isn’t.

Pennsylvania: Devil’s Road/Cult House

This also known as Cossart road is a road with lots of spooky stories behind it. Along this road, there is a house known as the cult house and it is said that any curious drivers are chased away. Some say the house is owned by people from some kind of cult and others are not so convinced. Lots of strange things are thought to happen in the area.

Rhode Island: The Conjuring House

We all know the conjuring was based on a true story, right? Well, the house is located in Rhode Island. Basically, all that was gone over in the movie actually happened in this house and probably more than that even.

South Carolina: The Death of Julia Legare

It is said that Julia became ill with diphtheria and fell into a coma and then soon after was said to have died. She was buried in the family mausoleum and just years later another member of the family died thus causing them to open up the mausoleum once more. Upon opening things up they noticed a tattered gown with bones in the corner, this meaning Julia was actually not dead and had been buried alive.

Now there is no door on the mausoleum as for years the door would be found open with scratch marks all over it. Each time the door was closed and secured it would be found opened time and time again. Julia prefers the door to be open.

South Dakota: Ghost Joggers

Apparently, on 26th street somewhere in South Dakota you can see two shadow people running along the side of the road at night. These people thought to be two joggers that had been killed. They have continued running for eternity.

Tennessee: The Boy In the Bathroom at Pine Haven School

A boy who was said to have been accidentally killed by his bullies was buried under a school no longer in use. It is said if you go into this school and look in the mirror in the bathroom he was killed in you will see him. You can go into this school even now and many claim that you truly can see him. Some say he might even push you into the mirror and down under the floorboards if you are someone who bullies others.

Texas: The Candy Lady

The candy lady is supposedly a woman who lured children to her home with candy and those children were never heard from again. Children in the area told stories of how they would find candy sitting on their window sills each morning and of course, did not tell their parents as they did not want the candy to stop coming. The candy lady would begin leaving notes on the candy offering the children more candy if they come see her. Over the span of a decade, a handful of children went missing those who did not confessing years later that they had eaten the candy she left them.

Utah: The Curse Of the Escalante Petrified Forest

While it is illegal to remove pieces of petrified things from this forest people do it anyways. They, however, have since been returning those pieces as they were cursed with bad luck for having done so. This is part of the park’s history.

Vermont: The Frozen People

This story is thought to be true and was published on the front page of a paper, back in the 80s. A poor Northern Vermont family decided to put their weakest elderly family members into cold storage until they could be thawed out in time for Spring planting. It is said that when the time came to thaw them they did, in fact, come back to life but who knows?

Virginia: The Bunny Man

A man dressed as a bunny running around threatening people with a large ax, how much scarier does it get? According to legend after an insane asylum was shut down one of the vans transferring patients crashed and a single inmate made his way to freedom. He was someone who had been admitted for killing his whole family on Easter Sunday. His story is one you will hear in many different ways.

Washington: 13 Steps to Hell

According to popular belief, there was an underground tomb that belonged to some kind of wealthy family in Maltby’s Cemetery. It had 13 steps and if you walked down those steps and turned to look up you would be staring straight into hell. Some children who have done this are said to have never spoken again. It is something I do not think I could do but now that the tomb has been somehow bulldozed over will never have the option to.

West Virginia: Mothman

Mothman is something we hear about even now. People say that they have seen him all over West Virginia. He is a man with wings and a dark appearance. Some say his eyes glow. He was first sighted back in 1966.

Wisconsin: Boy Scout Lane

It is said that years ago a group of boy scouts lost their lives on this road. It is unpaved and many still use it even now. These boy scouts are thought to be stuck here wandering the area unable to cross over. Some say they were murdered by their bus driver and others the scoutmaster.

Wyoming: Devil’s Tower

There are lots of stories about this ‘tower.’ Different tribes have different stories as to the history of this interesting landmark. One of those being that two young girls while out playing were spotted by some huge bears.

They were being chased by these bears when they climbed to the top of this ‘tower.’ The great spirit is said to have raised the rock to the heavens saving the girls and causing the bears to fall to their deaths. The bear’s claw marks leaving the scratches down one side of the cliff. It is not necessarily as scary as you would think but the energy surrounding the whole area is. People note seeing things in the area even now.

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