This is The Most Dangerous Drug in The World

By November 30, 2017 Other, Science

A team of scientists in the UK set out a while back to figure out just what the most harmful drug in the world truly is and their conclusion may come as a bit shocking for most. What do you think the most dangerous drug in the world is?

Their research included carrying out an investigation to discover just how much harm was caused by 25 specific different drugs. In order to do this, they had to used 16 different parameters. Those included things like forms of physical, social, psychological harm, the risk of dependency, mental impairment, and more. Through these different things they were able to determine how much harm was being done and level the drugs out from least to most.

Things like LSD and magic mushrooms proved to be the least harmful whereas heroin was found to be the most harmful because of the terrible withdrawal symptoms and numerous health issues, to say the least. Right below heroin was crack cocaine and the list goes on and on. That being said, heroin while most harmful was not found to be the most dangerous. The most dangerous drug in the world was found to be alcohol.

IFLScience reported the following in regards to this finding:

Regardless, the conclusion seems to be that alcohol is the most dangerous drug around. It directly causes a plethora of diseases, from cardiovascular and neurological disorders to liver degeneration; it indirectly causes transportation accidents, increases promiscuous activities and thus the likelihood of becoming infected by a range of pathogens, and makes an enormous dent in a nation’s economy as it pays for treatment for those suffering from alcohol-related problems.

Asking the question “what is the world’s most dangerous drug” is fraught with complex political and social history – and many people believe all illegal drugs to be far more dangerous than legal ones. The legal status of various drugs is somewhat arbitrary, defined long ago in many Western nations by quirks of history.

This is because of it’s wide use and just how many people do really die from it worldwide. I mean, it literally kills one person every ten seconds.  Did you guess right? Sure, there are some pretty terrible drugs out there but the one that happens to be most dangerous is sitting on a shelf at Walmart ready for you to consume.

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