The month you were born in tells us a lot about you. It could tell us what things you hate or even some of the most important traits you have.

Below I am going to go over the kind of woman your birth month might paint you as. While this might vary for some of us overall it should be quite accurate. What traits do you think your birth month might mention?


You are a strong serious kind of woman. You do not let people walk all over you and you always stand your ground. When something needs to be said, you are not afraid to say it.


You are a strict and by the book kind of woman. You take things too seriously and never want to cut up. Everything is by the book with you and it can be a bit of a downer for those around you.


You are a charming and loyal kind of woman. You tend to love deeply and fall quickly. While you are someone that people tend to be drawn to you are also a bit on the shy side. This is something you struggle with.


You are a self-centered and obnoxious woman. You really go above and beyond to take care of yourself, but you never think about anyone else. This is something that you refuse to admit but need to work through.


You are an outgoing yet quite humble kind of woman. You are always there for the people who need you, but you also know that there are limits to your kindness. You can come off as a bit difficult but with good reason.


You are a communicative and ruthless kind of woman. You will tear those down who you feel need to be torn down without a second thought. You are someone that can come off as friendly all the while getting revenge the whole ride.


You are a caring and giving kind of woman that lets people run all over her. You need to hold your own and stop being the one that everyone turns to. Sometimes you have to say no and you need to learn that.


You are a giving and yet conceited kind of woman. You help other people but only for your own gain. You tend to do things for the wrong reasons.


You are a cold-hearted kind of woman. You do not let people in and you tend to really hide your true emotions. When something bad happens it drives you further away.


You are a strong and emotional kind of woman. You wear your heart on your sleeve but are also not afraid to do what needs to be done. There are not many women like you in this world.


You are an impatient and quick to judge kind of woman. You always see the worst in everyone and refuse to let them speak for themselves. You cut everyone short and unless you ask someone for their opinion, you will never hear them out.


You are a positive and uplifting kind of woman. You go out of your way to make sure everyone is happy. You are a people pleaser to a fault, and it really sets you up for disappointment.

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