Sometimes we end up with people who just don’t match us. Paying attention to where you are mentally and emotionally, in general, will benefit your relationship in the long run whether you and your partner are on the same level or not.

While in the earlier stages everyone in the relationship is going to be trying to impress that is not where thins end. After you get comfortable with your partner their true colors really begin coming out. Sometimes the person we thought we were with doesn’t end up being the person we are with.

Below I am going to go over some of the things that might indicate the person you are with is emotionally immature. If you are emotionally mature this immaturity will cause a lot of problems in your relationship. Once you have determined if this is your problem within the relationship or not it is up to you to decide where to go from here.

There are a lot of different kinds of emotionally immature people in the world but we are going to focus on men in this article. Some of these things might be things you are comfortable trying to work through but some of them are more than enough reason to run for the hills. Is your partner emotionally immature?

Signs Your Partner is Emotionally Immature:

1. He puts work above EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else.

If he doesn’t prioritize you or your relationship that might be a reason to leave. Sure, work is important but in the end, our happiness matters more. If he refuses to make space in his life for you then don’t waste your time trying to fit yourself in. He needs to be focused on you sometimes, your wants and needs matter.

2. He is constantly playing the victim.

If he is someone who turns everything against you and makes out as if he is the one being hurt every time don’t give him any more power. He has clear issues if he is not able to own up to his mistakes and accept responsibility for the things he does or has done. You shouldn’t be constantly making excuses for him.

3. He is narcissistic.

If he treats you like you don’t matter you shouldn’t let him. You are important and he is not better than you. Narcissistic behavior is never acceptable regardless of the person or relationship.

4. He gives too much, to a fault.

This kind of emotional immaturity is self-destructing. He gives to the point where he doesn’t have much left to give. Sometimes it can be worked through and other times, not so much.

5. He’s a ‘Mama’s Boy.’

If he is overly obsessed with his mom your relationship is going to suffer. You shouldn’t feel as if you have to compete with her. She is not the one who he’s with; however, she can hold a place in his life but he shouldn’t be running to her constantly or acting as if she is better than you.

6. He is an addict.

If he is addicted to something and it is affecting your relationship then there is a problem. Some addictions can be worked through and others aren’t as simple. Keep in mind you can be addicted to anything from porn to alcohol and everything in-between.

7. He turns everything into a joke, literally.

If he jokes about everything it can make you feel bad. Sometimes you want him to be serious but he refuses, sounds about right? Don’t let this become your reality. If he refuses to be serious sometimes moving on is the best option.

8. He bails when shit gets too intense.

Emotionally immature people will jump ship when things get too serious. If something bad happens chances are he won’t be there to comfort you. You deserve someone who is there for you regardless of the situation.

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