Love is something we all aspire to achieve. We all hope that we have soul mates out there, but how do we recognize them if they are? Well, you just know.

Love is a complicated game and especially these days is it treacherous on the heart. Love can make you feel just as much pain as it can joy, but don’t let that discourage you. As immensely spiritual creatures, humans created a pact with their soul mates long before birth. It’s not only a union in the physical world, but a partnership forged by the cosmos. Your two individual souls are actually pieces to oneself in which both are a part of. When you meet your soulmate you will without a doubt know.

If you’re wondering how you will recognize your true twin flame when you meet them, worry no longer. You will feel an immensely powerful blaze of energy deep within your gut. Your intuitive abilities draw the two of you together.

Modern day society’s idea of soulmates is entirely wrong. It’s not that there is a God spawned knight in shining armor waiting to rescue you from the tower. Twin flames aren’t a fairy tale, meaning it’s not at all what you might envision when thinking of a soulmate – it’s much more than that. Your twin flame carries a manifestation of your own energy with them at all times. It’s as if you two are departed from the same soul. Neither individual will be able to unlock their true potential and power without the other. Your twin flame is the one with whom your soul will merge and become one, sharing all negative traits and positive ones.

We all absorb and give off radiant energy. We have energy points all throughout our body that gives off all kinds of auroras and colors to people, and some are negative, some are positive. However, once you meet the one something new happens. It is like your souls have merged together to form one body. This is the union of a twin flame relationship. Once you meet the one, you will no longer have that yearning. We aren’t really sure what the yearning is for, but it’s something we have our whole lives. It is, in reality, our soul craving its companion. Once you find yours, this feeling will go away. What more do you ever need?

When you meet your twin flame, you fall in love with everything about them – truly. The things they do that would normally annoy you the most, are just another part to love. It is what makes them who they are and you wouldn’t change a thing about them.

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