THIS is How They Program and Control Your Mind

By February 6, 2017 Rabbit Hole

Government corruption is a topic that most anyone could have a conversation on. It’s a subject that is often tossed into the waste basket of conspiracy theories, but should it? Take off your tin foil hat for a moment and hear me out. 

If you are even remotely awake to your surroundings you will soon notice that the government is not only a sham, but they straight up tell you they’re a sham. That’s right, and they do it right to your faces too.

The United States government is corrupt in more ways than one. Whether it is controlling the weather, staging horrific societal disasters, stealing our money, hiding information, or even mind control – they certainly haven’t missed anyone with their wrongdoings. In fact, the biggest criminals in the world run it. We the people gave them the entire world, and in exchange for what? Green pieces of paper. The government has carefully, intelligently, and swiftly brainwashed 318.9 Million people. But they might not be as slick as they thought.


For starters, the United States government is simply a sham. Our country, our people, our land, our food, water, and anything else we think we have access to is owned and controlled by the Elite. The Elite are businessmen who basically own the world. Whether they control you with a super pact or by poisoning you with toxic food, they hold your life by a thread. Not only does the government bestow upon us injustice after injustice, they also say it straight to our faces. There are hidden messages and signs in everyday things that nobody noticed.

It’s all hidden in plain sight. For example minutes before the attack of 9/11, President George Bush was with a classroom of children. On broadcasted television, the children were reciting “Kite, hit, Steel, Plane, Must.” This was minutes before the attack, you can literally watch it below.

The children recite this message before the president was even notified of the attack. Although it is not a point blank sentence, you have to analyze the text. For example, Kite is another word for conveying a message. So, essentially the children are reciting, “This is a message, We’re going to hit steel beams with an Airplane, and it must happen.”

There are many hidden messages in many different forms of media. The first step in change is awareness. What are your opinions on the fact that evidence like this was completely overlooked by the media? It’s definitely a mystery to be solved in time. In the meantime, question everything.

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