Yes, math can be pretty damn complicated and those puzzles going around online don’t make it any easier. If you haven’t seen this one yet, you are in for an interesting treat.

In the past few months or so the internet has been going crazy over the same ‘math puzzle.’ It is a pretty confusing puzzle that basically consists of nothing more than a triangle diagram. This triangle diagram is broken down into smaller triangles inside and that is where it gets a bit irritating.

Beside the triangle, it says ‘how many triangles?’  Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG.

Take a look at the triangle below and see how many you can count/come up with? Everyone is getting different numbers and some people are really reading into this big time. I’ve seen everything from one digit to three digit guesses and am blown away.

Personally, I see 13 but it took me a few tries to really see it. How many did you guess? Well, apparently there are a lot more than 13 so I wasn’t right either. Below you will see some images of this being broken down. Somehow, there are 18!

What do you think of this crazy ‘math puzzle?’ I for one am upset I spent so much time trying to figure it out. Did you get 18 without having to look at the broken down version? Props to you if you did, how do you feel about ‘math puzzles?’

Image via Wroops

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