I recently came across a TED Talk that really breaks down evolution properly and it really is quite mind-blowing. While not everyone accepts evolution, the ideas behind it are quite interesting, to say the least.

This TED Talk is being presented by an associate professor of ichthyology, evolution, and systematics named Prosanta Chakrabarty from the Lousiana State University. He teaches evolutionary biology classes and works hard to educate people on evolution as well as all the controversy and myths surrounding it. Sure, you might think it is pretty cut and dry but honestly, it is nowhere near as simple as it might seem.

His talk is titled ‘Four billion years of evolution in six minutes’ and in it, he breaks down how humans came to be and really brings us back to the understanding that we are a small part of something huge and that this process is nowhere near over like some of us seem to think. Chakrabarty says “we’re not the goal of evolution,” and we’re not. Evolution is nowhere near done happening and ‘humanity’ is not the end result by any means.

What do you think about evolution? I for one believe I now have a much better understanding of it after seeing this video.

“Think of us all as young leaves on this ancient and gigantic tree of life — connected by invisible branches not just to each other, but to our extinct relatives and our evolutionary ancestors.”Prosanta Chakrabarty

(Image Via: TED Talks)

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