This GoPro Was Swallowed Whole By Lava And Survived With Its Footage of the Account

By November 12, 2017 Science, Technology, Video, World News

One of the coolest Earthly materials is lava! It has always fascinated me as a kid and I’ve always wanted to see it up close, and finally, I have something to satisfy my pyro desires!

Volcanos are super interesting and probably my favorite part of elementary school. I loved making the volcano models with paper mache and coke and mentos. They are some of the most fascinating landforms and potentially one of the most disastrous! If you’re like me and have always wondered what lava looks like up close, then you’re going to love this! Gopro videos are cool enough, but this one was swallowed whole by lava and it survived! As reported by PetaPixel, the GoPro camera withstood over 1,832 Fahrenheit.

The GoPro camera belonged to the lead guide of Kilauea Eco Guides Erik Storm. He placed the GoPro camera down into a crevice to try to get some footage of the nearby lava when suddenly it gets swept away by the flow! While the camera was in a protective case, they both survived. He, of course, expected his camera to be demolished but to his own surprise, it survived! His camera resubmerged through the blankets of boiling hot lava and recovered the camera only to find the SD card unharmed.

Not only did the SD card survive, but the camera did too! Of course, it isn’t in its peak condition, but it’s incredible that it wasn’t demolished in the lava. Thank you, GoPro for supplying us with the most durable and indestructible camera ever! They sufficed my need to see lava up close and personal, and for that I am thankful. You can see the entire footage here, and a partial clip below!

image via Petapixel

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