Sometimes we end up drawing the short end of the stick, but technically these signs drew the long end but just have something hard to face ahead of them. While this week is going to be intense and hard at times, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There is a lot going on in the world of energy and because of this some of the signs are going to be pushed towards some hard decisions and painful things in their lives. This week is going to suck for the following signs but what comes of all of this is going to be extremely important for them as well as their spiritual journey. This week is going to push you closes to your higher self.


You are going to be facing a lot of inner turmoil this month. There is something that has been bothering you for quite some time. This something is going to be resolved by the end of this coming up week. Don’t be too concerned, while it might be hard it is going to push you exactly where you need to be.


You know life is not ever easy and you are used to fighting for what you believe in but now things are getting much tenser. Conflict is going to be headed your way in more areas than you are going to feel like you can handle. Just remember to take a step back and breathe when things are too serious.


You are going to be facing a bit of a transformation within. You are going to change from who you have been to who you have always wanted to be. Something important in your life is coming to an end and something spectacular is going to be taking its place. That being said, you cannot yet see the good side of things. Remember that the good side will always be there whether you can see it yet or not.


Something frustrating is headed your way and it is going to take all you have to keep your cool. The energies before you are a bit unpredictable at best and you need to be aware of them. Someone close to you is plotting against you and you need to stay strong. Let go of anything that you think is holding you back.


You are headed towards a major life change. Whether this is a change of careers or something else it is going to really make your life take a full 360. Be as strong as you can and let the things to come work their magic on you. Don’t get too discouraged, the universe will never bring us to something we cannot handle.

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