Technology just keeps becoming more and more advanced, and as this happens some pretty unique products have managed to make their way to the public. This is one of those unique products.

While it may look like any normal ole’ ring it is anything but. This is the ‘HB ring’ or technically they are ‘HB rings’ as they work in pairs. They were created by a company called TheTouch and they allow you to feel your partner’s heartbeat no matter where they are in the world. You feel their heartbeat in real time and it is amazing.



This ring allows couples who cannot be in physical contact with one another to basically do just that in a sense. They are very easy to use and once synced together using a smartphone app you can use wifi or data to maintain the connection. Once they are synched merely tap the ring and you will begin feeling your partner’s heartbeat.

These rings come in stainless steel and rose gold with a sleek and simple design. The solid rose gold pairs are a good bit more expensive but at around 600 for a pair of stainless steel ones they are quite affordable. Delivery is always free (within reason) and the app is as well. While they are currently not being sold but you can sign up to be notified when they are by clicking here.

You can also save a heartbeat so that you can feel it even when your partner is not wearing his or her ring or perhaps offline for some reason. These rings are pretty amazing and I think, make a wonderful gift for just about all couples. Isn’t it amazing how far we have come?

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