Calming other people down tends to be a lot easier than calming ourselves down. Something most people don’t realize is that breathing exercises make a huge difference.

When we are in the moment our breathing is something we don’t stop to think about. Changing your breathing when you’re worked up is something that can really benefit you. When you are getting worked up and unable to control the emotions welling up inside of you countering that fight or flight response is going to really make a huge difference in your life.

This is something you can do in even the most intense situations and is essentially breathwork in itself. It is a form of deep breathing that will really reduce the stress and negative emotions you might be facing. Our breathing and emotional state are linked, that much has been found through studies in the past.

The breathing technique we are going to go over begins as box-breathing but then moved into something else. It takes a mere three minutes and will work to counteract that fight or flight response as mentioned above. It is simple and yet quite effective. While it might not seem like much it really will be a game changer for many.

How to 3-Minute Breathing Technique:

Begin with a box breath as mentioned above. To do this you will inhale to the count of four and then exhale slowly still to the count of four. Be sure to really open up your lungs fully and fill them with as much air as you can.

If you are still feeling tension really slow things down a bit more and deepen the breathing. Your whole chest/stomach should be expanding this is not just something isolated to your lungs. Allow your body to flow with each breath.

Now from here, you will need to change the ratio from four and four to four and eight. Deep short inhale and long slow exhale. Now, from here you can continue changing the ratio as you see fit but most people stop around ten inhale and twenty exhale. For more stress melting breathing techniques feel free to check out the video below. Pay attention to your breathing, it really makes a difference.

Image via Universal Meditation

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