They Put A Camera Inside This School Cafeteria, What They Capture Will Leave You Speechless

By August 5, 2016 Health, Other, Video

If you have ever stepped foot into an American cafeteria, it should be clear that the last thing cared about is health. Various cultures around the world are focused on the quality of the food and drinks that children consume at home, and not enough people pay attention to the food that children are being served in schools.

Japan is clearly not one of those countries. Food is more than a 10-minute break from school, food is made into a learning experience. In Saitama, Japan meal time is a 45-minute period where kids are learning some of the most important lessons of the day.

Children are growing and peeling their own produce on their school’s very own farm. They then serve meals to their classmates and even clean up after lunch. There is a well-formulated plan that guides the educational portion of their learning process which maintains direction and focus while still giving them a chance to have fun while developing valuable skills.

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