Have you ever wondered what your personality type might mean for you in regards to marriage? Perhaps you are more or less inclined to be content?

I recently came across a study from just a couple years back that seems to go over exactly that. It tells us what kind of personality types end up being the happiest in marriages within reason and honestly, the results were not as shocking as I thought they would be. Researchers on this study found that conscientious women were much happier when married and even that introverted men were less happy on average after marriage. Interesting, isn’t it?

These findings were published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, Volume 97. While there have been studies on this kind of thing before they did not take into account anything about the personality which makes this one quite interesting. Introverted women were found to be much happier and more satisfied for longer when married.

The abstract of this specific study goes as follows:

On average, marriage tends to lead to temporary increases in life satisfaction, which quickly return to pre-marital levels. This general pattern, however, does not consider the personality of individuals entering into marriage. We examine whether following marriage pre-marital personality predicts different changes to life satisfaction in a sample of initially single German adults (N = 2015), completing life satisfaction measures and indicating their marital status yearly for 8 years (during which 468 married). We find that conscientious women experience greater life satisfaction following marriage than less conscientious women. Our data also indicate that introverted women and extroverted men experience longer-term life satisfaction benefits following marriage. Our results refute the claim of limited life satisfaction effects from marriage and caution against relying on average effects when examining the influence of life events on well-being.

So you see, our personalities do play a big role in things. For this study, over two thousand people were surveyed for an over eight-year period. Almost 500 of those got married for the first time and were still married at the end of the study. Tracking happiness was not simple but did tend to follow the usual trend. People get happier as they are about to be married and in time this happiness fades. That being said, they were able to indicate who stayed happier longer and so forth.

How do you feel about their findings? I for one believe they are quite fascinating. Does your personality match that of someone who would remain happier for longer.

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