These 8 Men Control Half the World’s Wealth

By September 3, 2017 Crime, nsfw, Politics, Rabbit Hole

People are always going to be people, and some of us have let the worst qualities a person can have rule us. People these days suffer from greed, and it’s extremely obvious according to this research study.


People are extremely greedy, it’s one of the worst qualities we get naturally. Greed is a naturally occurring emotional response created in the brain, but it can be easily suppressed. If you don’t already know, our world is led by a corrupt group of people. These people literally own everything. Oxfam published a research study that proves that there are eight people who own half of the world’s wealth – that’s right, half of the entire wealth of the world.

According to the research there are just 8 people on the planet that have as much of the wealth as 50% of the planet’s population. That is seven and a half billion people! This is not only horrendous in itself, but it also shows another growing rise of inequality because these eight people are all men. The study also showed for women to have the same income as a man for the same jobs it would take 170 years!

None of these eight people obtained their income through hard work either. The study showed that it was also inherited or obtained in a business traditionally associated with corruption. Isn’t it a crazy thought? There are people dying in poverty of starvation, and preventable disease, while 8 people have nearly half the money in the entir world.

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