Sure, we all have to accept some things in this life that are not easy to accept but when that happens we grow as people. Even when something is not thought to be a wake-up call, later on, you might realize it truly was.

Below I am going to go over some very unsettling truths. These are things we all need to become aware of at one point or another and even for me some of them were hard to accept. That being said, as we all grow and accept them we are pushed more towards who we are meant to be.

6 Unsettling Truths That Will Really Wake You Up:

1. We are never going to be as free as we want to be.

There will always be a government controlling us in ways we are not even aware of. Even when you learn more about the things going on in the world being aware of everything is not possible in this day and age. Freedom is never going to be what we want it to be and that is something that we should all come to terms with and work to change as best we can.

2. The media likes to lie to us.

Chances are you’ve noticed that the media gets to pick and choose what it reports on. We never get to see everything going on at a given moment, we only see what they want us to see. The ‘news’ also tends to falsify things from time to time and on rare occasions, they get caught as you will see in the video below. That water is not deep enough to need that canoe.

3. We are seen as dollar signs.

We were born to consume, and everything in this world is designed for us to want to buy it. We work not just to survive but also so that we can buy more things that we think will make our lives more worthwhile. This is a neverending cycle. While it is complete shit, the world we live in today is not designed for anyone to be able to truly thrive. Those in charge see all the small people as mere dollar signs or pawns and the more aware of that we are the easier it becomes to break free.

4. We are all going to put our own wants and needs first.

Just because someone cares for you doesn’t mean they are never going to betray you. Everyone has their own wants and needs but you won’t find many people who are willing to take care of you in the ways you take care of yourself. At the end of the night, you are all you truly have and you need to protect yourself as best you can. Sure, relationships are great but you still need to have your own best interests at heart and before the interests of others.

5. We all die someday.

No one lives forever, even if you think it won’t happen anytime soon it could happen tomorrow. The next day is never promised. Something crazy could happen just a few minutes from now that ends your life. We are extremely fragile beings.

6. We are not as in control as we think we are.

Sure, we want to be in control but there are actually very few things we actually have control over. You can only truly control the way you respond to things. We are powerful but nowhere near as powerful as we think we are.

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