May is a month that brings with it a lot of energy. It really puts things into perspective and gets us all thinking.

Below I am going to go over the top five signs that will be getting the most from this month. While the other signs do all still benefit the ones below are going to be standing in a field of nothingness, all the while collecting tiny pieces of themselves. The more generous you are the better, give and receive not one or the other.

May 2018 and The Zodiac Signs It Will Affect The Most:


You are going to be finally feeling that nourishment you have been craving. Your relationships are going to fall into place and everything is going to be great for quite awhile. Now, close towards the end of the month things might end up going south if you cannot figure out a way to communicate properly but until then, enjoy the ride.


You are going to be experiencing a lot of different things this month. You’re going to feel as if the whole world is spinning around you leaving you dizzy and ready to get off this roller coaster ride but you cannot. In order to overcome this, you really have to work hard to get to know yourself and stop obsessing over others.


You are going to be facing a lot of what seems to be bad decisions but everything will turn out positive in the end, don’t worry. You don’t have to keep obsessing over whether or not you should wait or make a move, just relax and see where things take you. As a Sag, you tend to rush things. Slow down and really do your best to take your time.


You are going to be feeling grounded but also a bit suffocated during this month. Someone has a very strong hold on you and it shows. Stop resisting and let your true self show. Things don’t have to be so complicated.


You are going to feel like something negative is looming over you. You will do your best to shake it but you won’t be able to. This is because you have a lot of issues to work through and this month is going to be the month to really get them worked out. Let the universe work its magic on you.

While these things might not seem like a lot they are a lot to those who have to go through them. If your sign made the list don’t worry too terribly about it, everything happens for a reason. Just remember, nothing is ever as it seems.

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