5 Zodiac Signs That Will Have the Worst Time During the Upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius

By November 30, 2018 Astrology

There is going to be a new moon on Friday, December 7th. It will fall around 15 degrees Sagittarius which means we are all going to be feeling a bit irritated. While new moons are usually quite positive, this one is going to be very angering for several signs.

This new moon is going to be amidst Mars conjunct Neptune and because of that, it will be quite sinister in nature. Many will be much more aggressive than usual and some will even be letting their nasty side out. Doing your best to not allow yourself to become overwhelmed is going to help tremendously.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be getting the brunt of this whole celestial ordeal. If your sign is on this list do not panic, remain as grounded as you can and do your best to make these energies work for you. Just because something starts off on a bad note does not mean you are incapable of turning things around.


As an Aries, you are able to really dish out the harsh words and this new moon is going to have you doing exactly that. You are going to be feeling as if you are being forced to fight and that is never something anyone likes to go through. You are at your wits ends and the past few months have not exactly been a cakewalk.

As tensions within you build up you are bound to explode. Do your best to focus more on yourself during this full moon and don’t let the words of others get to you. Everyone is going through things in their own ways and just because they seem a bit overly stubborn or stuck up doesn’t mean they are. You’ve got this, just breathe deeply and relax as best you can.


As a Capricorn, this new moon is going to turn you all kinds of upside down. You are tired of letting people walk all over you and you are ready to finally stand up for yourself. This might seem like an empowering moment but the way you’re thinking about going over what you’re intending to do is not a good idea.

Sure, you are tired and you have been working very hard but you don’t need to let those who bring you down win by feeding into the drama unintentionally. Use what little energy this new moon is going to offer you to give yourself a moment of peace. Just close yourself off and focus on working within.


You are far more restless than usual and as a Pisces are ready to burst out of the shell the past few weeks has locked you within. While you have good intentions nothing is going to be going over as it should in the days to come. You are better off just trying to do your own thing rather than bringing others into your plans. You are subconsciously going to be attracting those who wish to drain you of your personal energies and since this new moon is already going to be taking a lot out of you letting them close is a terrible idea.


You are not as incapable as you think you are. Just because you’ve been down in the dumps doesn’t mean you should stay there. This new moon is going to really bring up some sexual frustration within you and the more you ignore it the worse your mood is going to become. While not much will come of this during the new moon once all is said and done if you don’t get back out there nothing will change. Take this time to really figure out where you want to go with your heart.


You are going to be getting some really bad news during this new moon and you will be quite confused about where to go from here. While you are not normally the kind to show weakness this new moon will bring out your vulnerable side. During this period of time please do not hesitate to ask for help. You really might need it more than you think.


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