As we get closer and closer to the end of the year, many of us will begin closing the door on certain chapters of our lives and opening ourselves to new ones. While this can be exciting, in many ways it is also frightening.

Nothing compares to the feeling of heartbreak. Going through heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences in the world, and while it may be hard to see it when chapters end in our lives, new ones begin. With every ending, comes a new beginning. For the following four zodiac signs, heartbreak is likely with the new year. But don’t let this information close you off or stop you from staying open to the experiences the universe is offering.

Even the worst experiences prepare us for the rest of our lives and offer growth to us. Bear this in mind if your zodiac sign is listed below.


In 2022, you will likely find yourself coming to terms with the fact that someone you care for deeply will never be yours to have. You will likely fight against this for some time, and spend much of the year trying to make it work, but before all is said and done, you will start to realize they are playing you.


For you Gemini, it’s likely you’ve been in a back and forth, hot and cold relationship mess that has only continued to become more difficult. In 2022, you will begin to realize you have two options: continue to stay on this Merry Go Round of pain, or get off of it, and have your heart broken once and for all, so you can move on.


Aquarius, be careful with your ego, or else it is going to destroy your relationship. I am not saying to allow anyone to harm you or disturb your peace, but it’s important sometimes to ask ourselves, “Is this situation being made worse because I cannot let go of my ego?” If your ego is taking the wheel, it will only spell disaster for you before 2022 is over.


After many attempts to hold onto a one-sided relationship in which you are the only one putting forth any effort, you are going to finally decide to let go and move forward. You’ve been in a cycle of giving and giving and giving, and in turn, you are being drained. When we give all of ourselves and get nothing back- it can make us resentful and exhausted emotionally. 2022 will be the year you realize you deserve more than that.

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