It’s one of the greatest milestones early on in any relationship, that point when you are trying to decide whether or not to say those three little words – ‘I Love You.’ It’s the moment when a couple moves to the next level of commitment, one that causes much anxiety as many people try to decide whether they are moving too fast, or not fast enough.

Curious about determining whether there is a ‘right time,’ researchers conducted a survey into the speed at which relationships are moving in today’s society. Surprisingly, they discovered that men are actually faster to share those three magical words than the women of today, with the average man saying ‘I love you’ after just 88 days, while the average woman waits a total of 134 days.

While we all express love at our own individual rate, there are some personalities that are more likely to take this big, and often frightening, step. For example, those who are afraid of trusting others and opening up will find this step to be increasingly intimidating. Meanwhile, those individuals who live their life wearing their heart on their sleeve, openly sharing how they are feeling at any given time, will find the shift into this next stage of their relationship far more natural.

Looking at the zodiac signs, and the personality traits that are associated with each, there are 3 zodiac signs that are far more likely to jump into this exciting relationship stage faster than any other. These are the signs that will drop the ‘L’ word so quickly, in most cases, that they catch their partner completely off guard. Are you currently dating one of these signs? If so, here’s your warning of what’s to come!

These 3 Zodiac Signs Jump into Love the Fastest, Falling Head Over Heels:

#1 – Aries (Mar 21 to Apr 19)

Bold and fearless, there is nothing that scares an Aries, and love certainly isn’t going to be the exception to this rule! They live their life by following their heart and going after anything that they feel they need and desire without hesitation. If they meet someone and know that this is their soulmate, they see no reason to wait and run the risk of losing their opportunity. Instead, without so much as a second thought, they will make their sweeping declaration. With no fear of rejection or regret, there is nothing to hold them back.

#2 – Taurus (Apr 20 to May 20)

The reliable Taurus dreams of creating a stable and solid family unit. They don’t see any point in wasting their time with random flings, casual encounters or the early stages of the dating world, as they aren’t interested in just having fun. Instead, they are looking to find someone that will settle into a serious and long-lasting relationship, dedicating themselves 110% without hesitation. When they commit themselves to someone, they give all that they have, and so sharing those 3 little worlds is a logical next step.

#3 – Cancer (Jun 21 to Jul 22)

There is no sign that is more emotional than the Cancer, wearing their heart on their sleeve in all that they do. If a Cancer is feeling anything, you’re going to know it – be it anger, sadness, disappointment or joy, so why would love be any different? When they fall for someone, they fall hard and fast, jumping from ‘how do you take your coffee’ to ‘do you prefer a summer or a fall wedding’ in no time at all. While this intensity is going to be difficult for many to wrap their head around, for those that do it will lead to a truly deep and meaningful connection.

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